Promoting Your Kid’s Innate Artistic Ability

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso

Throwback to those days in Nigeria when part of what kids knew how to do best during leisure was drawing Supa Strikas.

Yet, it brings tears to my eyes when most of these natural and exceptionally talented individuals like your friends or you have either become doctors, teachers, or what you have become!

Seeing so much that is happening today, I realize that the world would be a better place if kids are allowed to mature in their love for art.

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Collecting Art Like A Professional

Art collectors are people who buy artworks and own them either for display in their houses, offices or sales to other art lovers.

Mostly art collectors are believed to be art professionals who have solid knowledge and understanding of the Art world.

This knowledge provides them with enough guidance and other art lovers’ trust and money to purchase artworks.

This posts sheds lights on the basics of art collection.

Kidly read, share, and comment.

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Approaching Galleries; the step by step guide to being successful…

The benefits of being represented by a gallery cannot be exhausted. However, if you don’t apply the right techniques- you will only end up wasting your time, and energy including other essential resources

At Arteasy Nigeria, we are focused on helping you grow, mature, and develop which led us to gather insights on how to be successful in approaching a gallery for representation or collaboration.

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Habits You Should Overcome

There are lots of things you do that affect the level of your creativity, quality of your results, and quantity in terms of your productivity as a human and an artist without even realizing it.

Don’t condemn yourself though because no human being is perfect. We all have flaws but the inability to control and manage them can affect our performance, results, and a whole lot more that we might not see.

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