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Return Options Overview

Arteasy Nigeria offers a 24-hour return window for items that meet the requirements for return. Customers are advised to call Arteasy Nigeria customer care line 08025160777 or reach out through our Live Chat platform on the Arteasy Website for clarifications on items to be placed.   

Customers should also confirm items at the point of delivery. Please contact us via any of our contact channels within 24 hours of delivery and we will ensure you get a resolution.

1. Order the Product and Specify the Delivery Method

2. You Will Receive an Order Confirmation Message

3. Wait for Your Order to Arrive

4. Pick up Your Order at The Checkout Area

Return Instruction

Return Instruction

STEP 1: Send a Complaint

Contact Arteasy via live chat, or Customer sending complaints should have order number and other necessary order information handy for quick processing. Customer can also send their complaints as a reply to the order confirmation email sent by Arteasy. Include pictures of the product alongside the packaging wrap that was delivered to as a means of evidence.

STEP 2: Return after Authorization

Once your claim is validated, we will provide information on the most suitable means of getting the item from you. Arteasy will not bear the cost of return shipping.


STEP 3: Get Resolution

Once the item has been received, we will ensure you get a resolution (A replacement, exchange, or refund). Refunds will only be made after receipt of items which will go through an assessment by a staff of Arteasy. Refunds will not include the delivery fee initially paid by the customer for the shipping of orders. 


Is next-day delivery available on all orders?

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STEP 1: Send a Complaint

Orders over $100: All day delivery. Order anytime:


Orders under $100: All day delivery. Order anytime:


Weekday time slot from 12noon - 5pm. Order by 9pm.


Next day delivery Get it next day, 7 days a week

All day delivery. Order by 9pm.


Weekday time slot from 12noon - 5pm. Order by 9pm.


Items not eligible for Returns

Products that have been altered from their original state or opened by unauthorized persons without permission. Products damaged due to misuse. Also, refer to our PRIVACY POLICY for more relevant details.

Order Cancellation Policy

Orders cannot be canceled after 24 hours and when they have been processed and sent out for delivery.

Orders that have not been sent out for shipping or delivery can be canceled with the exception of a full refund. Paystack transaction percentage charges incurred by Arteasy will be deducted from customers’ payments for all items to be canceled. 

Cancellation of orders is not possible if items ordered have been received, opened, and damaged by the customer. 

Arteasy Nigeria can cancel orders already paid for in times of rush when such items are out of stock. This rarely happens when customers who buy physically have bought the last one of such items which is still on display at our e-commerce website for digital customers. In such a case, the payment made would be fully refunded by Arteasy Nigeria. 

Customers should note that there is no 100% guarantee that order cancellations would be possible as we send orders out for shipping and delivery immediately after they have been paid for. Therefore, customers should read item descriptions, options, and sizes well enough before checking out orders. Also, refer to our PRIVACY POLICY for more relevant details

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