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19 inch Black Heavy Duty Strong Plastic Maestro Toolbox with Handle

19 inch Black Heavy Duty Strong Plastic Maestro Toolbox with Handle TB095 480 X 230 X 230 Mm

Acrilex 3Dimensional Color 35ml

This 3D Glossy Dimensional Paint is very versatile, and can be applied on different materials, including fabrics. It is Wash-resistant and non-toxic. Apply directly with the applicator tip on the surface in lines, points and graphics. It can be applied on any type of porous and adherent material, such as cotton fabrics without starch, wood, paper, EVA, leather, ceramics, plaster, glass and cork.

Acrilex Fabric Paint Diluent

The Fabric Diluent can be mixed with Fabric Paint or paint to delay the drying time, which will give you more time to create those intricate details and designsCan be applied with a brush or mixing with Matte Fabric Paint.Try it with our range of Acrilex Matte fabric paint, Acrilex Fluorescent paint, Acrilex Glitter Fabric Paint, or Acrilex Metallic fabric paint.

Acrilex Glue Stick

Glue sticks come in 10g, 20g and 40g. For use on Collage and paper.See below for more Product and Usage information

Amsterdam acrylic standard series 120ml

Royal Talens Amsterdam Standard Acrylics have a high degree of lightfastness and use pure and non-fading pigments, ensuring artworks retain their original color even after several decades. The binding agent consists of 100% acrylic resin for long-lasting results. Each tube is recyclable and clear, allowing artists to see the true color and contents with ease.These paints are alkali resistant and this means they are suitable for wall and mural paintings. The paint can be thinned easily with water and, if applied in a thin film, paint can dry within half an hour.

Artist Colorful Palette


Artist's Paint Tray Palettes Plastic with 16 Wells Thumb Hole, Perfect for DIY Craft Art Oil Watercolor Painting Paint Brushes, Washable.

Claire Fontaine Origami Creative Box

The art of folding paper is fun and accessible to all, both beginners and experts. Have fun creating cranes with this set!Box contains
  • 24 origami sheets 70g/m² 11x11cm
  • 1 cardboard support 20x4cm
  • 2 sheets of silvery stickers
  • 1 needle
  • 3m of silvery thread
  • 1 note

Coaster Resin Casting Silicone Moulds


If you are fond of DIY crafts, this silicone mould may be great for you. You can make your own coaster crafts with this mould. 

The resin casting mould is compatible with most resins or other casting materials. You can add some resin pigment, glitter, refill paints, resin dye and embed different kinds of embellishments or fillers, perfect for decorative resin crafts. These resin moulds are made of high-quality silicone material, very flexible and durable. Create your very own works by using your imagination and creativity, Perfect DIY Handmade Gifts for Your Loved Ones.Just twist the mould, and the piece can be easily pushed out, after using, it's easy to wash and clean with soap and water and keep away from dust after washing.

Craquelex Colour 2 x 37ml

This is a Resin-acrylic based paint that leaves off a crack effect after drying (approximately 2 hours). It comes ready to use and works best on most surfaces, but not advisable for flexible surfaces.The Craquelex Color Kit contains 1 pot with the Primer Varnish #1 and 1 pot with a Color Cracking #2 specified in each packageCan be applied on wood, plaster, ceramic, and canvas.⁣ The Craquelex paint can be used with Decorative Paints, Craft Matte Paint, or Metal Colors.

Creall Magnetic Paint 250ml

10,752.50 8,882.50
Creall 250 ml bottle magnetic paint transforms any surface into a magnetic board.For great results, you can apply 3 layers crosswise. Paint dries waterproof and has good coverage. After drying (24H) it can be painted on with other acrylic or spray paints.

Décopatch Exterior Varnish

5,922.50 4,892.50
The Décopatch outdoor varnish is a protective fixative. Apply on your surfaces/ paper or paper napkins to protect and solidify. Very easy to use, this varnish is acid and solvent-free, it is odourless and colourless on drying.This varnish is specially designed for your outdoor objects. It protects them from water and UV radiation.

Décopatch Paperpatch Glue

Décopatch Paperpatch Glue Varnish is an exceptionally versatile glue, designed to work perfectly with paper and other embellishments. The glossy glue will leave your designs with a lustrous finish.Décopatch Glossy glue is specially formulated with varnish and does not cause the paper to ‘pull in’ or ‘crinkle’ when drying. The glue can be applied to most surfaces including paper, card, wood, glass, metal, plastic, stone, shell, and ceramic.It’s non-toxic and washable, so is suitable for use by adults and children over 3 years.A great addition to your découpage craft box.