In this Arteasy Insight Interview with Jekami Adetiloye Oluwatosin, the Ghanaian-born mixed media artist and social commentator- Cecilia Lamptey Botchway on a relentless journey of interrogating womanhood, blackness, and the divinity of African women- reflects on the intricacies of being a woman in a male-dominated African society.

This interview includes special description of some of her most celebrated works. And information of her forthcoming solo exhibition.

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Exclusive NFT Interview with Thomas Espach Software lead and co-founder LOVADA NFT Marketplace

After the record-smashing sales of Mike Winkelmann’s aka Beeple $69 million NFT- Everyday; The First 5000 days in March 2021 by Christie’s, there was a sudden eruption of buzz around NFTs. While most digital art enthusiasts tried to hide the enormous carbon footprint of the ETHEREUM blockchain which powers popular NFT Platforms, LOVADA powered by CARDONO proves to be 99.99% more energy-efficient and cost-effective compared to Ethereum, where most other platforms are built; tops the list of CLEAN NFT ART MARKETPLACES. In this exclusive interview with Jekami Adetiloye Oluwatosin, Thomas Espach Software lead and co-founder of LOVADA reveals secrets on how Nigerian artists can be successful with NFT without technical jargon, the journey of LOVADA, and the strategy employed in making LOVADA one of the most sustainable NFT platforms in the world.

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“Art will come to you if you’re open and pure in spirit.”-Omogbolahan Adetomiwo Ayoola HRH

In this Arteasy Insight Interview with Jekami Adetiloye Oluwatosin, the humble artist- Omogbolahan Adetomiwo Ayoola HRH: who has collaborated with such reputable brands as AMG PROJECTS, Kanbi Projects, Netflix, Rele Gallery, Glendiffich, Coca-Cola, Signature Art Gallery amongst others- reveals like never before, more about his Princely background, creative poetic process, BLUE-WOMAN masterpiece. Including strategies on; how to gather influence in the Nigerian Art Industry and attract the spotlight of the international art community; managing the pressure and expectations that come with being an artist in the 21st Century.

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