Why 2020 Arteasy’s Black November Is For You!

Arteasy Nigeria Black November

Arteasy’s Black-November is a reminder of the historical war against excessive brutality, inequality, and frequent injustice the Nigerian Youths like other parts of the world suffered in the hands of their governments and security agencies.  

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Black-November is very similar to Black Friday as it offers you the opportunity to buy from the no.1 online art store: Arteasy Nigeria at discounted prices. 

However, the discounted sales don’t run for a day like it is a norm. Arteasy’s 2020 Black-November starts from the 6th of November up until the rest of the month. 

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This will be the first of its kind in Nigeria from Arteasy Nigeria offering artmazing deals. It will also be the first Black-Friday our customers get to benefit from.

“It became necessary to launch our first Black-Friday this year knowing how tough 2020 has been for the majority of our target customers.”

Abolarinwa, Head Of Arteasy Nigeria Marketing and Sales

Therefore, the main goal is to celebrate the Nigerian Youths and empowering them to do what they are most passionate about in a season of intense financial difficulty.  

What You Should Do? 

Set a reminder: 

Some of our products like Royal & Langnickel Graphite Sketching Art Set- 14, Acrilex Glass Varnish 37ml, amongst a whole lot of others are sold out. 

“It is projected that 50% of our Black-November Products will carry the sold out tag in coming weeks.”

Abolarinwa, Head Of Arteasy Nigeria Marketing and Sales

Hence the need to set a reminder that keeps you woke and ready to click, order, and check out during our flash sales on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays by 12, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, and 12am. 

It is advisable that you do the same thing with the different days set for paint bundles, surface bundles, and kids bundles artmazing deals which remain 8th, 19th, and 21st of November respectively. 

Also, schedule in your calendar, the following dates set aside for our Black Friday weekend deals: 

6th-8th November (Paints) 

13th-15th November (surfaces) 

20th-22th November (Crafts) 

27th (Black November)

30th (Cyber Monday). 

Sign up for email newsletters: 

You get first-hand updates on Arteasy’s Black November deals when you subscribe to our email newsletters. 

You can sign up for email newsletters on our website and enjoy the latest information on coupons and promo codes as they are released during this Black November deal. 

Most importantly, you get the load down of everything you need to know about Arteasy’s black Friday kick-starting on the 6th of November.  

This article can wait. Start making your orders here and check out other artmazing deals and prices!

Shop Now: 

The earlier you shop, the more you can be rest assured to get the products you need more urgently. 

click here: Arteasy Nigeria to shop now!

Moreover, shopping early guarantees that you benefit from the best deals in the first few days.

It is important to note that products put up for black Fridays are limited. Same as the deals which only last for a few days. 

Stay glued to @arteasynigeria(IG)

You can be certain that information on Arteasy’s black November and black friday will be rolled out on our social media handles. 

Besides, you can always reach out to us via our social media (Instagram DMs) and get feedback almost immediately on questions, clarifications, and other information you need as regards our Black November and black friday packages. 

Arteasy Nigeria Black November Products


There are a hundred and twenty (120) products under our PAINT AND MEDIUM Archives. 

You can enjoy artmazing deals on paints starting from the 6th-8th of November,2020. 

These products have been carefully chosen to make you efficient and increase your workflow.

Click here to see products and artmazing deals on Paints


Our canvases and surfaces are from the best brands. Arteasy Premium-Primed Artist Canvas comes in different sides and is non-toxic, acid-free titanium acrylic gesso. 

click here to buy Arteasy Nigeria’s canvases and surfaces

Sketch Pads from Faber Castell which have been certified preferable for your different drawings, sketching, and coloring techniques are also on offer this Black November. 

You can also utilize this opportunity to get Royal & Langnickel Graphite Papers perfect for use on almost all surfaces from our art store here. 

In the same vein, Sinoart watercolor Pad are ideal for your watercolor paintings. Also, consider our Winston & Newton Tints Pastel Paper with 6 Assorted Colors. 

Click here to see products and artmazing deals on Arteasy Nigeria’s surfaces

Craft Supplies or Kiddies Bundle:

Until the end of the month, you can also get this for half the price throughout this month. 

Some of the Craft Supplies like Acrilex Eraser Classic and Acrilex Modelling Paste (250ml) have been sold out. More of the Craft Supplies continue to reduce but great offers are still available. 

The Acreall Magnetic Paint (250ml) is offered at a 17% discount and transforms any surface to a magnetic board. It dries up within 24hours and can be used with any acrylic or spray paints. 

Click here to see products and artmazing deals on Craft Supplies

Kids are not left from Arteasy Nigeria’s Black November and Black Friday deal. The MTN Cleaning Gelmis currently being offered at a 22% deal rate and the Acrilex Finger Paint at 21% rate. 

The kids supplies are fast selling out more than any other category on Arteasy Nigeria’s website. 

Click here to see products and artmazing deals on kids supplies 

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