Arteasy Nigeria’s C.E.O Open Letter

A matter of ethics, impact, and purpose

Awurumibe Michael Dubby: Arteasy Nigeria’s C.E.O

As a brand, one of our objectives is creating an atmosphere where we can appropriately engage with customers and they can communicate effectively with us.

The level of feedback and suggestions from our target audiences and customers have always been remarkable. 

Therefore, when advice started coming in against fanatical use of Arteasy Nigeria Instagram to spread constantly, information on the #EndPoliceBrutality campaign; we could measure your enormous love and good will for this brand. 

However, this is a period to care genuinely about Nigerians and the battles they are peacefully fighting. 

Awurumibe Dubby: Arteasy Nigeria’s C.E.O

For us, our support is vital. Even though it could be as little as obsessively using our various platforms including means to draw global attention. 

Would businesses not have done more if their portfolios’ were being destroyed? 

Arteasy Nigeria’s C.E.O

So why simply brush lightly over the present matter as a brand when we know what’s at stake: lives and freedom. 

Arteasy Nigeria prioritizes social responsibility above business profitability because without you the brand won’t exist. 

Hence, the need to be zealously involved in this fight as much as every Nigerian is at the moment. 

Moreover, Arteasy Nigeria’s progress is not measured majorly by Return On Investment or gains made for investors and shareholders. 

Our existence as a firm is measured persistently by how much positive impact we have on the Nigerian society and the global community. 

Arteasy Nigeria’s C.E.O : Awurumibe Michael Dubby

Impact and understanding of purpose beyond financial prosperity is why we do a lot of what so many people believe we shouldn’t be doing. 

Although, we like to make money. Yet, we love to see the immediate society we operate and the lives of our target audiences and consumers flourish. 

Awurumibe Michael Dubby: Arteasy Nigeria’s C.E.O

Only when our customers are safe do we feel secured. Only when they are empowered and enfranchise do we feel strong and confident to do business as usual. 

Currently, it is not business as it should be at Arteasy Nigeria because promising lives are being untimely cut short and we will persistently do our bit to support rather than pause contents until we can go about doing what’s normally accepted. We share your frustrations and pains. 

Therefore, to give back our social purpose continues to focus on challenging injustice, inequality, and supporting passionately movements aimed at giving voice to the voiceless. 

I am using the medium to ask that you do the same as brands; SMEs and corporations, we should not be totally interested in making money and attracting investors at the expense of our customers. 

You should be committed to creating value more than the products and services you are patronized for. 

You should never desert the people without whom your business won’t be sustained and financial goals achieved. 

Similarly, the #EndPoliceBrutality covers every basic issue battling Nigeria. 

It will be my utmost desire that we all regardless of who we are: creatives, entrepreneurs, or investors, and what we do, utilize our initiatives. 

Thereby being more visible in times that doesn’t only bring revenue opportunities, encouraging staff to volunteer, and many other positive moves that favor the development of the society at large. 

At Arteasy Nigeria, we dwell on societal issues not as marketing strategies but as solidarity to create awareness and lend our voice to movements that matter most to our target customers: big or small, domestic or international. 

Nonetheless, we don’t touch and runoff from important societal matters like a formality, norm, or as done in a game of cricket. We stand and press on with issues that affect humans because it is what humans should for one another; care genuinely without selfish goals. 

Finally, we don’t put contents out consistently about societal issues and support social causes to looking appealing to customers or target audiences. 

We do because it’s the ethical and right thing to do. 

So, for as long as this campaign extends; we will continue to non-stop publish content concerning mental health, empowering artists, and others. This will be done alongside our daily brand operations and promotions. 

Again, we appreciate your feedback, recommendations, and constructive criticisms. It has been essential to our growth. Our message platforms are always open without sentiments.

God Bless Nigeria. God Protects The World. 


Awurumibe Michael Dubby

C.E.O. Arteasy Nigeria. 

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