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Instagram is presently the most popular social media handle in the entire universe. So, pardon us at Arteasy Nigeria if we believe it is one platform that can make art easy for you because there are over sixty million daily users and eight hundred million engaging monthly users.

Therefore, as a creative individual; artist, architect, fashion designer, amongst others- Instagram easily lets you present your business to half a billion people daily. That’s huge!

Let’s cut the introduction short and move into the body of this article which will clearly tell you:

why you have not made [enough] sales on Instagram!

Simple, no sales have been made because you have not, did not or never asked yourself basic questions. Questions that when answered guides your everyday usage of Instagram as a Marketing Tool. 

What are your aims and objectives for promoting your business via IG? 

The things you hope to accomplish need to be concisely, comprehensively, clearly, and tactically stated.

Especially if you are a start-up, you need to be certain of what you want as an end result from Instagram. While some brand is looking for brand awareness, others are interested in extending their reach beyond the local community that they are.

What you want might be different; you might be more interested in expanding your local community. Know what you want. 

How much have you budgeted or spent on Instagram paid adverts? 

Yes, you know the basics and are very efficient in applying the tactics. Bravo!

But have you ever wondered why big firms with over a million followers and massive handle engagements still run Instagram ads?

Well, because they understand that you have to spend money to make money.

Thus, you need to budget for paid ads and invest them appropriately by targeting the right people. Also, they understand that adverts on Instagram are cheaper compared to traditional advertising mediums like radio, television, billboards, etc.

Instagram ads can be run for as low as #900 [as at the time of publishing this article]. I mean, who does not want to spend less to reach more targets and make more money… 

These are the first questions you need to answer for luck to start shining on you. But if you are yet to have your business on Instagram, it is not too late to do that. And hey, we got you covered with the following articles: 

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