Making Money As An Artist on Social Media

Making money on Instagram is like making art; you need to learn how to use it to achieve your objective which in this case is reaching more potential clients, making more sales, and cool cash. However, you must unlearn previous ideas, knowledge- things you have heard about those who could not successfully use Instagram to make money. 

Comment in the section below, how you have been able to use Instagram or any other social media handle to make money. We will love to share your experience. 

Finally, you have to relearn the new ways things are done because Instagram is not the way it was years back and will continue to change; which means you have to be flexible to become familiar with using the new innovations to it and adjust rapidly.

Overall, you need to understand that these processes require hard work and long-term strategy; they don’t just work like Aladdin’s rub on the magic lamp. 

So, what are the steps to take in making more money from Instagram? 

Before diving deep, you need to understand that making money on Instagram means the effective engagement of followers.

That is, making your Instagram handle more popular which increases the request for your art on Instagram. So, how do you attract [engaged] followers? 

Unique branding. 

 Branding helps your followers understand who you are and what your art is all about. Therefore, amongst the crowd, you definitely want to stand out by maintaining your unique style in your art.

Your audience must be able to identify your touch even when it seems the art you just posted is similar to so many others they have seen before.

Branding also extends to your method of caption, language, tone, hashtag, filter, and how you want your followers to feel and remember you. 

Put up quality images. 

Quality is important in the business of making money from Instagram. For your artwork, a clear, neat background and natural light are always best.

You don’t want your artwork image looking blurry, poorly lit or unclear. It should not be perfect but it should not be poor; put your best into taking the best camera image from the best angle[s] the same way you put in your best when working in the studio. 

Attention grasping contents. 

Post images about different art-related and life focused things on your Instagram. You could share a how-to video; the aim is to be creative and control the attention of your followers because there is so much in their feed to follow up. So your post must catch their attention almost immediately. 

Charm with your captions. 

Do more than just introducing your artwork, the title, and price tag. There is always more to the art than what beholds the eye; show this through your caption. Even though the aim is to turn your followers into customers, you still need to interact and involve them.

Therefore engage them with the inspirations, steps, stories, and aspirations behind your work. This makes your followers connect emotionally with your art. Your caption must possess vitality and glamour as much as the artwork itself: you feel me? It should not be dry or boring your followers to sleep. 

Other factors to consider: 

Correct use of tags.

Hashtags and tagging other artists, galleries, influencers, etc. At this point, I have to say that Art Easy Nigeria will be very highly honored to be tagged on Instagram: @arteasynigeria and possibly share your different breathtaking Instagram posts. 

Hashtags used properly position your artwork and make it discoverable to art lovers, galleries, and art collectors. It can be used in an attempt to increase your followers.

Use keywords that describe your artwork to find hashtags and [artists] Instagram user handles who boasts commendable following and include them in your postings. Monitor the hashtags and Instagram handles that help you get people engaged and use them well but don’t overuse a hashtag and always tag appropriately.

Nothing more annoying like tagging the wrong Instagram user or using inappropriate hashtags. But you can never be wrong for tagging @arteasynigeria and enjoy connecting with over a thousand followers for free. 

Make sure to post regularly at least for the first six months as it keeps you fresh in the mind of the followers instead of being forgotten. 

It is social media so link up with other artists; comment, like, and share other artists, influencers, and galleries post. It is about befriending them, making yourself seen, and interacting.

Last but not least, complete your bio.

Talk is cheap but action invested well over a period of time piles in more than enough return on your investment.

Making art is not abracadabra neither will making money through social media; invest your time, energy, money, as much as you can afford. 

Again, you can never go wrong with tagging ARTEASY.COM.NG(@arteasynigeria) • Instagram over 20,000 followers and an opportunity to be featured. That is our little way of helping you reap rewards for your passion. 

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