Art X Lagos; more than an Art Fair

Art X Lagos is a one-stop fair for everything art. The focus is beyond showcasing beautiful and emotionally powerful paintings or sculptures or diverse works of art primarily for appreciation and trade.

Art X Lagos extends its horizons to other branches of creativity such as music, literature, and dance; this is exactly a selling point. 

Day 1

The Fair opens on the first day with Schools’ Tour at the early hours followed by a strictly by invitation VIP PREVIEW in the afternoon.

The Fair officially opened in the evening tagged The VIP PREVIEW NIGHT with artworks from over 19 galleries and more than 65 artists who graced this year’s edition with brilliant, excitingly clever, and skillful artworks on display.

Dignitaries at the 2019 VIP PREVIEW NIGHT
The Vice President of Nigeria alongside The Founder Art X Lagos viewing one of the art works on display at the 2019 Art X LAGOS.

The VIP PREVIEW NIGHT had traditional rulers, celebrities, business tycoons, art professionals, and collectors coming in en masse to mark their attendance in this remarkable art event.

Exquisite champagne and free cocktail snacks are part of the VIP PREVIEW NIGHT. Definitely, this first night is the best place to be as an artist, collector, or investor. Since you get the opportunity to meet people from Africa and beyond which makes it more attractive.

You will meet prospective customers with deeper pockets on the first day because the presence of the creme de la creme of the art world starts to dwindle from the second day. 

The first day was really befitting for a fair of its magnitude and grandeur. Art lovers, visitors, tourists, and collectors from different parts of the world came in to enjoy, appreciate, and probably own the finest artworks made by artists from the continent where Art began: Africa. 

Day 2

The second day is open to the public; kids and teenagers cover a higher percentage of the population. It was more demanding for art lovers as they have to navigate through the various galleries’ booths and the Art X Talks .

Art X Talks starts from afternoon till night with three different sessions of talks by art professionals, founders, African international artists, and renowned collectors.

The topics most found very interesting during this year’s edition are:

Leading Contemporaries with Emeka Ogboh and Wangechi Mutu which focuses on the artist’s works and the influences underlying their practice,

Collecting Live with Remi Folawiyo, Kathryn Weir, and Tunji Akintokun MBE as panelists.

The most memorable moment at this year’s edition is the remembrance of Olabisi Obafinke Silva when Ngone Falls shared her last moments with the late distinguished founder and Director of the Centre for Contemporary Art Lagos- globally recognized for her practice as a curator. 

Attendees enjoying If not for a child by Ngozi Schommers

Art lovers were also thrilled with performance arts by Ngozi Schommers (If not for a child), Taiwo Aiyedogbon [Mirror Mirror], and Eca Eps(Waterworks). 

Art X Live

The most anticipated Art X Lagos event for domestic and international teenagers, youths and young adults is the Art X Live.

Performances from Lady Donli, Buju, and Wurld thrilled the audience. The surprise performance by Mr. Eazi was extra icing on the cake.

Art in all forms connects the world as anyone could notice visitors from a different race, country, and continent vibing to the same sounds. 

Day 3

Like the second day, the third day is opened to the public; kids, teenagers, adults and senior citizens. 

The Art X Talks and the performances continue with lounges filled with art lovers from different countries enjoying the meals, drinks, and snacks on sale and others served for free. 

The highlight of the third day is the remembrance of the late Bisi Silva- Founder and Director of the Centre for Contemporary Art Lagos

After the Art X Talks, the Fair finally closed but it was clear so many people didn’t want to leave; I didn’t want to leave, I wouldn’t say it’s because of the free food and beautiful people you get to connect with. 

Art X Lagos has everything for everyone everywhere; this is vividly seen in their array of programs, Artists'( modern, contemporary, emerging, blockbuster), top-notch galleries, performances, projects, and the Art X Live. Obviously, Art X Lagos is more than an art fair and it is evident that the West Africa Premier International Art Fair will only get bigger, bolder and better over the years. 

The last thing you want to be at a prestigious fair like Art X Lagos: is a writer who also loves art in all its various forms of music, dance, paintings, or sculpture, all of which Art X Fair offers.

Therefore, if you are not so good at killing two birds with one stone, you only get to experience less than one-third of what the fair had stocked up.

Were you at the 2019 Art X Lagos, share your experience in the comment section.

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