All Artists, Architects, Engineers, Fashion Designers, and Photographers have These Three Materials

The level at which art is easy for you depends on the kinds of materials and tools you currently use and the brands from which you get them. In this article, you will be exposed to tools and materials that every creative mind; photographer, artist, architect, fashion designer, and you should have. 

Below are some of the tools and materials you need to get to boost your creativity;


they have been called different names which include notebooks, drawing pads, writing pads, etc. However, the best word that encapsulates the dynamic function it performs for creative minds other than artists is the notepad.

The Nobelpad Notepads are one of a kind notepads from the heritage collection that is lightweight and portable with the option of 70/100 pages waiting to be filled with your notes, sketches, and ideas.

Each notepad has a charming cover that spurs from inside your creativity with its refreshing colours. It has a nice aesthetic feel. Simply, you can have your notepad stylish and affordable at the same time. They are available here.


For artists, engineers, architects, artists, and illustrators.

An artist, fashion designer, architect, even engineers need a pen or pencil for their projects or in producing something fresh like drawing. At Arteasy Nigeria, we have a whole range of standard (erase) pens and pencils like the Derwent Studion Fine Color Pencils that have a long-lasting tip and come in 72colors.

Best pencil choice for charcoal artists

The Liquiddraw Technical Drawing Pen is a good waterproof choice for architects professional, emerging, and students. It comes in sets of 3&8 and is dynamic in the sense that engineers and artists can also use it.


At one point or another, there would need to stick your designs or that picture you are sketching on a surface. The glue is your friend but it is beyond the glue but how effective and the surface area it can cover.

The UHU All-purpose adhesive has proven to be a fast, crystal clear universal adhesive. It can be used by every individual in the creative industry and those in the offices, models, and students for craft lessons. 

Some of these materials and tools are not only important because of what they can help you to achieve. But they are important because they have the capacity to inspire you to do more than you are doing already.

Check out more universal creative tools and materials here and enjoy quality at affordable prices and rapid delivery anywhere in the world. 

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