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Acrilex Poster Colours

2,750.00 2,475.00
The poster paint comes in 6 pots of 30ml each, Contains different super vivid and bright colours.Ideal for the development of creativity and motor coordination. It can be applied on all types of material, even EVA rubber.See below for more Product and Usage information

Nataraj poster color set

The Nataraj  Poster Colours are a premium range of water-soluble paints which are ideal for a smooth matt finish and a completely opaque mass tone. They are made from the finest pigments and they give a high covering capacity with a brush.These paints flow easily, dry quickly and evenly and are very easy to mix. The Nataraj poster colours produce brighter artworks and superior visual impact.Get your kids excited about painting. Get them this set of Nataraj 12pcs Poster Colours here at our online art store as well as other art supplies and enjoy nationwide doorstep delivery across Nigeria at lowest rates.

Primo Fine Poster Paint in Tubes

Poster in Aluminium tube, 10 or 12 colours.
Pick one colour and squeeze it on a sheet of paper. Isn’t it bright? With some water and a brush you can experiment with it to create a million of different shadings. Then pick a new colour and then another one and so on… What if you try mixing all colours together? Try it!
See below for more Product and Usage information

Reeves Poster Paint Set of 12pcs

Switch on an electrifying display of vibrant colour with poster colours that zap things up straight from the pot. No solvents, just water required for artwork that simply zings with energy. Not just for the classroom, these simple but strong colours are just the thing to get your ideas out of your imagination and onto whatever surface you choose fast. So get one to see the spectrum of poster possibilities.