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Worison premium artist brushes

The Worison Artist Filbert Paintbrushes set is comprised of filbert paint brushes set to meet the needs of all professional or amateur artists, teachers, students, children, art lovers and so on. This art paintbrush can be used to carry out various painting exercises to improve your skills. It works excellently with various mediums such as oils, acrylic, gouache and watercolour.
  • Worison Artist Filbert Paint Brush
  • Set contains 9 brushes
  • Filbert bristles paint brushes
  • Blue Long Wooden handle Brush
  • Suitable for use with Acrylic & oil & Watercolor Paints
  • Anti-Shedding synthetic nylon and wooden handles
Items available:33

Worison premium brushes-set of 6

  • Flat shader blending sharp edges short even stockes
  • Script liner long lines scrolling borders fine details
  • Filbert rounded edges blending different stocks edge or flat leaves and feathers
  • fan blending textires stecoa effects grass fur foilage