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The Martyrdom of Nigerian Youths

A Sad Time To Be A Nigerian.

Author: Jekami Adetiloye Oluwatosin. 

“…this is not a country!” was the last thing Arteasy Nigeria’s C.E.O Awurumibe Michael Dubby told me before the call ended as he witnessed live at Lekki Toll Gate, the cold blooded barbarity of security personnels Nigerians for more than a week have been protesting to end.

On the 20th of October 2020, an advanced level of brutality was unleashed on innocent civilians by the Nigerian military changing the color of our flag from green and white to black and red. It is a day many have tagged as BLACK TUESDAY.

We lost martyrs who made positive moves, came out, lent their voices, and stood their grounds at the deliberate denial of their legal rights.

Funny how the CHANGE was supposed to start from them. Daring how it started from Nigerian Youths tagged lazy. 

Lazy Nigeria Youths turned martyrs being killed for partaking in a peaceful protest they believe can lead to a favorable Nigeria.  

These heroes will continue to be a reminder that every Nigerian Youth is alone in this country. We have come to accept the sad realization that we are our own friends, company, and safety. 

The martyrs untimely killed have taught us to remain unshaken by fear or dictatorship. 

Picture Credit: @Yusuf_Durodola (IG)

Our future is up to us and we will continue to take the unrelenting path of courage and patriotism to fight for our rights to rebuild our land. 

However, we should be wise enough to avoid being indoctrinated to the violent and ruthless ways of the old tortoises and foxes. 

Arteasy Nigeria’s C.E.O: Awurumibe Michael Dubby

We are a peaceful generation and we will continue to be. They will not transform us into the barbaric monsters that they have always been.

We will show them the right way that they have been irresponsible to follow. 

Thus, the martyrs that have died for this belief of a new Nigeria will not die in vain if we all continue on this course peacefully.

It is our belief at Arteasy Nigeria that your spirit and tenacity don’t melt out from the unfortunate happenings as recorded on Tuesday 20th of October 2020. 

Awurumibe Michael Dubby

The martyrs risked their lives for a pleasurable future for every growing and incoming generation.

For that reason, we must not turn off our mics but increase the volume of our voices. 

Picture Credit: @Yusuf_Durodola (IG)

We all have to keep fighting not for ourselves but for generations coming behind us. They don’t deserve a Nigeria that’s not safe and filled with selfish leaders. 

Arteasy Nigeria sends genuine condolences to relatives of the Nigerian youths who we regard as martyrs of this ongoing fight for freedom and justice. 

Arteasy Nigeria’s C.E.O

There is no experience more traumatic than being killed unlawfully on home soil.

Neither will there be anything more haunting than watching helplessly as our friends and comrades were assassinated by people who should safeguard their lives. 

Nonetheless, this remains the best time to show the quality of our energy, courage, and determination. 

Our prayers of protection and courage continue to go out to all of us. 

Awurumibe Dubby on behalf of Arteasy Nigeria

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