New Year, New System

The difference in your level as an artist this year depends on how well you are committed to correcting the mistakes from last year which works only after you have evaluated your success, strength, and weaknesses before moving ahead into the year. 

Let’s start with the structure. 

Indeed, you need a new model of thought, the flow of emotions, link to the world and a refreshed quality of believing in yourself. Becoming the best in anything takes time and a lot of other resources apart from money. Still, unless you believe in yourself and have that confidence in the art pieces you make; every other resource might just be a waste or simply explain why you have not been productive as much as you would want. No matter how long it takes, having an organized structure keeps you going and relevant.

Invest in yourself more this year

One of the mistakes we make in this part of the world is not expanding ourselves by investing more resources in our possessed talents, skills, or potentials. Try internships with galleries, register for an art class, and a whole lot of others. The level of self-investment will surely reflect on your art piece. 

Develop your knowledge

The war of art by Stephen Pressfield can help overcome creative block, and the New York Times bestseller: Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon will help you understand how being yourself is essential to the success of your artist personality and creativity. Also, you need books like Crushing It: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too by Gary Vaynerchuk that give insights and reveals secrets in business. Remember that you are a professional artist, an artist-entrepreneur; which means you can help the business part of your business grow. 

Change Your Tactics

Most importantly, you would need brand new art materials and tools. I mean, how do you aim to get new results if you are using old tactics; tools and materials? To achieve better results and sales; you have to use superior, effective, and strong instruments, kits, or gadgets that will lead to satisfactory results. What would you say to someone who remains loyal to ‘that’ when ‘this’ displays tools and materials that are affordable, original, state-of-the-art, and modish. There is a need to checkout and patronize new brand stores that make Art easy for you to create.

The level of competition doesn’t reduce and this year won’t be a difference. But unless you change your orientation from sticking with traditions that are not profitable, take up habits, and patronize brands that are dedicated to making everything art easy with advanced; recently developed and newly discovered, set of art kits that work well together with your skill -interconnecting as a whole to enrich your procedure; you will either not be able to create something new or continue to struggle in creating an artwork that is classic and unique.

At Arteasynigeria– you get the best of everything art at literally no cost. Kindly share in the comment section, books or other essential things you plan to this year to aid your productivity. 

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