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Acquerello Fine Watercolour

5,450.00 5,014.00
Fine watercolour in aluminium tubes, 10 colours.
Delicacy and intensity of fine watercolour art in a special range of harmoniously measured tones: their realistic performance is a whole new world to discover.

Primo Anti-dust Coloured Chalks 10pcs

Coloured antidust chalks; 10 pieces. This chalk is made from calcium carbonate and leaves a uniform and thin mark, without creating dust.
Suitable for blackboards, they can also be used to draw on paper, thick paper or cardboard, allowing for the creation of intense colourful effects or delicate pastel shadings.
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Primo Fine Poster Paint in Tubes

Poster in Aluminium tube, 10 or 12 colours.
Pick one colour and squeeze it on a sheet of paper. Isn’t it bright? With some water and a brush you can experiment with it to create a million of different shadings. Then pick a new colour and then another one and so on… What if you try mixing all colours together? Try it!
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Primo Metallic and Fluo Watercolour Tablet

4,150.00 3,942.50
Special watercolour tablets, with lid/mixing palette, 8 metallic and 4 fluorescent colours.Have you ever had a box like this? A pretty plastic case, designed by Primo, with 12 special high quality watercolour tablets. Take the lid, turn it and use it to mix your paint in it. Results are shiny and amazing!See below for more Product and Usage information

Primo Minabella coloured pencils

Coloured pencils, hexagonal, lacquered, high quality, in carton box, 12 colours.Coloured pencils are the real essence of creative expression. They are beautiful when we put them in our pencil case or in a glass on the table. They are perfect in any occasions and for artists of all ages. Remember that our pencils respect the environment because they are FSC™ certified. And if 12 colours are not enough… there is package of 24!

Primo Minabella Duo coloured pencils – 12pcs

Coloured double tip pencils, hexagonal, lacquered, high quality, in carton box, 12 coloursYou get 24 colours but only 12 pencils, you gain space in your pencil case but it is actually better equipped and then… such a thick mine in a bicolor pencil has never been seen! It’s the new minabella duo. Double tip, double satisfaction.See below for more Product and Usage information
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Primo Modelling air-dry Clay

Want to feel like a real sculptor? This clay is for you! Let your imagination go free and create tee cups, vases, jewels and whatever your creativity tells you to. It can be modelled into all kinds of shapes and sizes.Wait 24hours for it to dry and you will be able to paint your creation with poster or acrylic paints. Suitable for kids craft, beginners and experts.See below for more Product and Usage information 

Primo Oil Pastels

Many different soft, bright and doughy colours, and you won’t even get your hands dirty, thanks to the wrapping labels. You can draw easily on paper and experiment with thinner or thicker layers that can be softened with your fingers later.See below for more Product information

Primo Policromi Soft Pastel Chalk

These chalks are designed for artistic drawing: soft and highly pigmented, produces rich, covering and mellow strokes. When used in multiple layers they allow artistic blends whose appeal is particularly loved by pavement artists.Rooted in a long tradition, these are some of the most beautiful chalks: vivid and bright on any surface, from paper to the street. For a permanent result, a fixing agent is necessary to preserve your work.See below for more Product information

Primo Water-Soluble Coloured Pencils

A very special pencil with a deep creative value and an ergonomic shape. You just need some water, a brush or a cotton swab and you can make the traditional pencil mark more evocative. Coloured pencils can finally be blended for real!Comes with a brush, sharpener and an eraser. Hexagonal in shape, lacquered and in 12 or 24 colours.See below for more Product and Usage information

Primo Water-Soluble Wax Crayons

Water-soluble wax crayons with ergonomic sheath, in PP box, 10 colours.It looks like a wax crayon but it is a lot more! We created this sheath so you can easily grab it. Leave a mark on a sheet of paper and look how bright and dense it is. But this is not all: if you add some water your mark will become transparent and delicate and you will be able to add perspective to your drawings.

Primo Watercolour Tablet 12 Colours Ø 25 mm

2,900.00 2,610.00
Here there’s everything you need!12 watercolour tablets and one brush in a light and practical plastic box that you can stick in your pocket and carry everywhere.