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Acrilex Fantasy Glitter Jumbo Wax Crayon

Get versatile with the glitter and neon crayons! Ideal for home and school use.Its non-toxicSee below for more Product and Usage information

Acrilex Markers

Acrilex Markers Contains: 6 or 12 set colours.Great for kids to draw, paint and trace on paper, paperboard and cardboard, has a medium and resistant tip and is also washableSee below for more Product and Usage information.

Acrilex Triangular Wax Crayon

Drawing, painting, creating is what children love to do, and to make the most of them, always choose quality products.This Set of Crayons, from Acrilex, has vibrant colours and is produced in premium material. In addition, parents can be rest assured that it is a non-toxic product.See below for more Product and Usage information
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Acrilex Wax Crayon

Great for kids of all ages! For drawing on paper, paperboard and cardboard. It has been made with an anatomical shape that easily adapts to children’s hands, does not stain hands, Soft stroke, vivid colours and has super coverage.See below for more Product and Usage information

Acrilex Window Pen ArtTeen

CHARACTERISTICS Marker for glass and mirrors (decorative effect). Easy cleaning. Its tip allows different types of strokes.

Bianyo Artist Calligraphy Comic Dip Pen Suit


  • Bianyo Comic Dip Pen Calligraphy Suit
  • The calligraphy set consists of 1 wooden dip pen, 3 different nibs and 1 ink bottle.
  • 3 different nibs are ideal for roman text and italic letters.
  • This calligraphy lettering kit is ideal for the beginner or professional calligrapher, making learning beautiful writing easy.
  • Dip pen nibs provide superior control and stability delivering smoothness and an easy ink flow.
  • The long well-balanced pen body provides a comfortable writing experience. Perfect to meet the different need in your calligraphy writing, the traditional set blends a centuries-old art form with your unique ‘hand’ for a creation conveyed in thought and design.
  • Set Contains: 3 Nib + 1 pen rod + 1 bottle of ink (5ml)
  • Pen Tips: Round Nibs / Student Tips/ 2mm Flat Nibs

Bianyo White Charcoal Pencils 3pcs

Set of 3 white charcoal pencils, ideal for use on dark or tinted paper and can also be used in conjunction with other drawing media.
  • Bianyo White Charcoal Pencils
  • Medium Pencils
  • 3 pieces in the set
  • Ideal for use on dark or tinted papers
  • Can be used alone or to add highlights to black charcoal sketches
  • Non toxic materials

Dongku Art Compressed Charcoal 6pcs

  • Set Contains 6 Pieces of charcoal bars.
  • 2 hard + 2 medium + 2 soft sticks
  • Size: 10x10x80mm/0.39×0.39×3.2 inch
  • Smooth Compressed Charcoal Bars.
  • Very Dark Colour charcoal bars.
  • Large shading areas, shade at an angle to get in more details.
  • Woodless Charcoal Bars.

Mont Marte Calligraphy 7 Nib Set

  • Set includes calligraphy set 8 pieces (7 nibs and 1 nib holder)
  • High ink capacity nibs
  • Nibs t1-t5 are traditional calligraphy nibs and are used for roman round hand, italic, gothic and uncial writing styles
  • Nib n2 is a right oblique and nib z2 is a left oblique