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Acrilex Glitter Glue Set

Developed for handmade schoolwork, the Acrilex Glitter Glue is washable and has an intense shine.With an exclusive applicator tip to facilitate painting, it stimulates artistic development and can be used to make collages, decorate and paint on paper, cardboard and cardboard.See below for more Product and Usage information

Acrilex Transparent Glue 37ml

This is a clear contact adhesive which leaves no traces of glue after drying. It is best used for clear surfaces or coloured materials.With a shorter evaporation time, it can be used quickly and flexibly for minor glue works and is best suited for indoor use.Ideal for collages on papers, paperboard and cardboard.See below for more Product and Usage information 
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Décopatch Exterior Varnish

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The Décopatch outdoor varnish is a protective fixative. Apply on your surfaces/ paper or paper napkins to protect and solidify. Very easy to use, this varnish is acid and solvent-free, it is odourless and colourless on drying.This varnish is specially designed for your outdoor objects. It protects them from water and UV radiation.

Décopatch Paperpatch Glue

Décopatch Paperpatch Glue Varnish is an exceptionally versatile glue, designed to work perfectly with paper and other embellishments. The glossy glue will leave your designs with a lustrous finish.Décopatch Glossy glue is specially formulated with varnish and does not cause the paper to ‘pull in’ or ‘crinkle’ when drying. The glue can be applied to most surfaces including paper, card, wood, glass, metal, plastic, stone, shell, and ceramic.It’s non-toxic and washable, so is suitable for use by adults and children over 3 years.A great addition to your découpage craft box.

Top bond general purpose white glue 250ml

Top Bond Glue for Domestic Appliances, Funiture, paper, books, etcTop Bond Glue for Domestic Appliances, Wallpaper, Funiture, Binding, Laminate, Chip Board, Hard, Suitable for paper, books, etc