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8 Pack-Resin Casting Silicone Moulds with Measurement Cup, Sticks and Droppers

Resin Casting Silicone Moulds for DIY, Jewellery Making and Crafting, comes with Measurement Cup, Sticks and Droppers (8 Pack)
  • Multiple choices: comes in 8 different shapes: sphere, cube, diamond, pyramid, triangular pyramid, stone and two different finger ring shapes, extra equipped with one measurement cup, 5 droppers and 10 wood sticks. You can also mix pigment, glitter or with any of our refill inks to create different colours.
  • Easy to De-mould: Smooth interior makes it easy to de-mould after it’s fully cured and reduces the need to cut back and polish
  • Multi-purpose: Different shapes are perfect for making resin jewelries, crystal balls, wax candles, soaps and homemade decoration
  • Durable and Not Easily Deformed: The moulds are made up of pure silicone with excellent elasticity and superior high tear strength
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Acrilex Craquelex Ink 37ml

This is a Resin-acrylic based paint that leaves off a crack effect after drying (approximately 2 hours). It comes ready to use and works best on most surfaces, but not advisable for flexible surfaces.Can be applied on wood, plaster, ceramic, and canvas.⁣ The Craquelex paint can be used with Decorative Paints, Craft Matte Paint, or Metal Colors.

Museo Brush Soap 70gr

quality brush soap for cleaning your art brushes properly.