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50CTcleaners pipe

A whole universe of fun is available with Creatology chenille pipe cleaners. Your child can use these giant colorful pipe cleaners to create stem animals, decorations, or even bracelets. Ignite your child's imagination!
  • Assorted colors
  • 0.6" (15 mm)
  • 50 chenille pipe cleaners
  • For ages 4 and up

Acrilex Glitter Glue Set

Developed for handmade schoolwork, the Acrilex Glitter Glue is washable and has an intense shine.With an exclusive applicator tip to facilitate painting, it stimulates artistic development and can be used to make collages, decorate and paint on paper, cardboard and cardboard.See below for more Product and Usage information

Acrilex Glitter Varnish-60ml

To achieve a glitter glossy finish to your acrylic painting, apply either of these three crystal, silver or gold variants. For ample glitter, apply generously and in multiple coats.See below for more Product and Usage information

Acrilex Glue Stick

Glue sticks come in 10g, 20g and 40g. For use on Collage and paper.See below for more Product and Usage information

Acrilex Matte Fabric Paint

Create amazing projects with the Acrilex Fabric Paint range. Bespoke designs on home decor with a selection of colours to compliment your living areas, or up-cycle old trainers, jeans, t-shirts, bags and more. Make yourself stand out from the crowd and colour up your wardrobe!Acrilex matte Fabric paint is great for fabric works. It is wash-resistant and has excellent coverage. For dilution use our Fabric Paint Diluent.See below for more Product and Usage information

Acrilex Modeling Paste-250ml

Modeling paste is a thick, white paste that is primarily used to add texture and relief to paintings. Due to its thickness and heaviness, it is best applied with a painting knife or butter knife,  Modelling paste is often left to dry and then painted over, but you can also mix it with your acrylic paints to make them thicker.Once applied on the surface, wait for it to dry before painting.See below for more Product and Usage information 

Acrilex Multcolage Glue

For Découpage and other crafts projects as a glue and sealant. Works on mdf, wood, plaster, ceramic, canvas, cork and styrofoam.See below for more Product and Usage information

Acrilex Soft Modeling Dough

This Starch based dough is super soft, very malleable and can be shaped into different sizes.The exciting colours will keep the kids engaged and the tutti fruity smell is reminder of its non-t0xicity.See below for more Product and Usage information

Acrilex Styrofoam Glue 37ml

Ideal for works involving E.V.A and styrofoam materials.See below for more Product and Usage information 
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Acrilex White Glue

Acrilex White Glue, has a high degree of adherence and a fully transparent film after drying. It can be used on wood, paper, cork, MDF and porous materials in general, but is not recommended for metal, plastic surfaces and for the manufacture of cold porcelain.Application: Apply generously through the tipSee below for more Product and Usage information 

Acrilex Wood Glue-100ml

The wood glue is Ideal for furniture making and glueing pieces of wood like doors, windows, boxes, fittings pieces of wood in general, besides paper, cardboard and cards.It has a quick and firm grip and is non toxic.See below for more Product and Usage information 
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Bianyo Detail Knife

  • Bianyo Detail Knife
  • 5-Interchangeable Sharp Blades
  • Ideal for Cutting Intricate Details on Paper, Cloth, Cardboard, Thermocol, Plastic, Wood Carvings, and Lightweight Craft Materials.
  • Head Rotates 360 Degrees to Cut at Any Angle. Textured Grip Improves Control and Prevents Slipping.
  • Safety Cap Protects the Blade During Storage. 5 Interchangeable Super Sharp Blades Can be Easily Replaced.
  • Suitable for DIY Art and Craft and Hobbies.