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19 inch Black Heavy Duty Strong Plastic Maestro Toolbox with Handle

19 inch Black Heavy Duty Strong Plastic Maestro Toolbox with Handle TB095 480 X 230 X 230 Mm

8 Pack-Resin Casting Silicone Moulds with Measurement Cup, Sticks and Droppers

Resin Casting Silicone Moulds for DIY, Jewellery Making and Crafting, comes with Measurement Cup, Sticks and Droppers (8 Pack)
  • Multiple choices: comes in 8 different shapes: sphere, cube, diamond, pyramid, triangular pyramid, stone and two different finger ring shapes, extra equipped with one measurement cup, 5 droppers and 10 wood sticks. You can also mix pigment, glitter or with any of our refill inks to create different colours.
  • Easy to De-mould: Smooth interior makes it easy to de-mould after it’s fully cured and reduces the need to cut back and polish
  • Multi-purpose: Different shapes are perfect for making resin jewelries, crystal balls, wax candles, soaps and homemade decoration
  • Durable and Not Easily Deformed: The moulds are made up of pure silicone with excellent elasticity and superior high tear strength
See below for more Product and Usage information
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Bianyo Artist Palette Knife Set-5pcs

3,468.40 2,552.00
  • Bianyo 5Pcs Artist Painting Palette Knife Set
  • Set Contains 5pcs Knives
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Polished Hard-Wood Handles
  • Thin And Slightly Flexible Blades Help In Applying Paint Properly.
  • Use This Set For Painting And Various Other Art Projects.
  • Suitable For Amateur As Well As Professional Artists.

Bomeija circle cutter

Bomeijia Circle Cutter with 3 Blades - BMJ798 Cut circles in one step with this easy-to-use our circle cutter. When you grasp the handle, use a stirring-the-soup motion to cut perfect circles.The patented ratchet handle aligns your hand and wrist to help reduce wrist fatigue typically associated with cutting in a circular motion. Use the cutter to create Yo-Yos, crescents, circle appliqué and penny rug circles.The package comes with 3 free blades able to cut cardboard, paper, fabric etc cutting area: 10-150mm & 40-230mm high-quality SK-2 blade

Flamingo Office Push Pins

Office pins are essential items in every work environmentsimple firm plastic caps to easily push to pin papers files, documents even drawing papers to a board.100 pins insidekeep away from children.
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Greathall staples

  • Standard 24/6 staples, apply to the most common 12# stapler
  • Up to 20 sheets of A4 paper can be stapled
  • A big box contains 10 small boxes, each small boxes contains 1,000pcs of staples
  • Essential office supplies
  • Suitable for office, school, and family. Students must have
Greathall is high-quality standard staple offers dependable, easy stapling. Sharp chisel point gives keen penetration with less jamming. It is suitable for office and school supplies.
Items available:100

Lino Cutter Set

A handle and 6 assorted gouges for relief printing with linoleum.The plastic handle holds the blades in place and blades can be easily changed. Cutters are suitable for large to medium width surface removal and include bowl gouge, spindle gouge, roughing out gouge and round flat chisel.Handle dimensions approx: 9.5cm height.

Metallic Sharpener-Single hole

Highly durable Metallic sharpener with a metallic frame for a rigid body while sharpening.with a steel blade sharp enough to sharpen pencils with ease.

Monami HB ML-Clean 12pcs inside

  • Monami HB lead refill for mechanical pencils.
  • Suitable for precision drawings, illustration and sketches.
  • 0.5mm x 60mm .
  • 12pcs of Lead inside .

MTN PRO Gloves

MTN PRO Gloves are high quality, reusable technical gloves made of nylon and polyurethane. They protect your hands from paint stains and keeps it clean without causing you to lose tact or precision.It is specially developed to insulate the hands from low temperatures while guaranteeing breathability.See below for more Product and Usage information 

Museo Brush Soap 70gr

quality brush soap for cleaning your art brushes properly.