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Acrilex All Purpose Varnish

The finishing varnish is used for protecting and waterproofing various materials. This helps to lock in the paint and give it a lasting finish.It is quick-drying and has excellent durability and adherence.

Acrilex Glass Varnish 37ml

These transparent varnish colors are bright with vibrant shades.Suitable for surfaces such as glass, plastic, glass mesh, porcelain, ceramic, wood, etc.

Acrilex Glitter Varnish-60ml

To achieve a glitter glossy finish to your acrylic painting, apply either of these three crystal, silver or gold variants. For ample glitter, apply generously and in multiple coats.See below for more Product and Usage information

Acrilex Gloss Acrilfix Varnish

Give your artistic works / crafts a glossy finish on canvas, wood, paper, cork, ceramic, plaster and styrofoam. Can be applied on acrylic paints after fully dried.Its is also used as a protective varnish to protect papers, plants, documents, photos and layouts.See below for more Product and Usage information

Acrilex Matte Acrylic Varnish

The matte acrylic varnish adds a matte sheen, protects and resists dirt retention. When dry it gives off a clear flexible, non-tacky, hard surfaceIt also increases brightness and color saturation, giving the surface a unified sheen and improves surface durabilityIt looks milky white when wet, but the final finish is completely colourlessSee below for more Product and Usage information

Winsor and Newton acrylic gloss medium 250ml

  • High clarity and even flow
  • Boosts the brilliance and transparency of color, as well as improving adhesion and durability
  • Ideal for glazing or applying think, highly transparent layers of brilliant color for depth and stained glass effects
This medium increases the depth, transparency, and flow of color for blending or fine detail and provides an even gloss finish. It maintains no color shift from wet to dry when used with Winsor & Newton Artists’ Acrylic.