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MTN PRO Luminous Spray Paint

Looking for the best spray paint that emits light in the dark and gives a glowing effect in spaces and on objects without lights? The MTN PRO Luminous Spray Paint is your go to.The water-based paint consists of pigments that charge up under the light in a short period of time, and then emit light in the dark for a long period of time, it is ideal for evacuation route signage, emergency panels, tunnels, mines, parking lots, and for decorating objects and spaces without lighting where signage is required.The effect is long-lasting and to get a maximum luminous effect, it is advisable to apply it on white surfaces.Another major perk is that it is easy to apply and easy to clean! Just spray on any clean surface and easily remove using acetone.
To obtain a striking finish, apply a coat of "MTN PRO Primer first", and finish it off with a varnish coat of "MTN PRO Acrylic Varnish". This is recommended for greater permanence and resistance to wear.
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