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How wide can your imaginations run? And how far are you willing to go in your graffiti game? Hardcore is Montana Colors’ most historic product. This paint is one of the best performing gloss spray paints on the market.Its glossy finish gives it a perfect and unified coverage, and its high pressure guarantees a smooth surface. Its wide range of intense colors and high quality gives you more options for domestic, industrial, and artistic graffiti. Great news! MTN Hardcore paint is compatible with all the MTN products, so there are no limits to how far you can express yourself.
To obtain a striking finish, apply a coat of MTN PRO Primer first, and finish it off with a varnish coat of MTN PRO Acrylic Varnish. This is recommended for greater permanence and resistance to wear.
Change the way you spray with MTN’s Specialty Caps. Our caps offered by MTN are interchangeable with Hardcore cans.