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Krylon Glitter Blast Spray

Krylon Glitter Blast gives you a uniquely intense sparking glitter finish with a paten-pending product unlike anything else on the market.A 5.75oz can product which adheres well to most surface, even plastics and craft foam. An exceptional product will add texture, fun finishes for holiday crafts and amazing glitter products.See below for more Product and Usage information

MTN PRO Acrylic Varnish-400ml

If you are looking to increase surface protection while simultaneously enriching the shine of the various surfaces, theMTN PRO Acrylic Varnish will come in very handy. It is a solvent-based, thermoplastic resin, acrylic spray varnish or lacquer, Suitable for protecting, enhancing and embellishing surfaces. It dries really fast and comes in gloss, satin and matte finishes.Different finishes can be obtained depending on the number of coats applied.See below for more Product and Usage information

MTN PRO Canvas Varnish-400ml

MTN PRO canvas spray varnish is used as a final coat to protect oil and acrylic paints against humidity, grease, dust and contamination.This allows the work to maintain its properties without yellowing or cracking. The spray dries very fast through evaporation and protects your art projects. It protects your graffiti art, fine art, and collectibles from smudges, dirt & dust, and some light damage extending the life of your work for years to come.See below for more Product and Usage information 

MTN PRO Frosted Glass Effect – 400ml

This is a Decorative paint that turns transparent surfaces translucent.The MTN PRO Frosted Glass Effect is a decorative paint that gives the appearance of frosted glass to all types of glass and transparent surfaces, making them translucent. This paint is perfect for painting bathroom windows, medical consultations, changing rooms and places where privacy is necessary. The resulting finish will resist regular cleaning with water without its properties being affected.See below for more Product and Usage information
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MTN PRO Gesso Primer-400ml

This primer is your go-to to convert surfaces such as canvas, wood or cardboard, into perfectly prepared canvases for the application of paint by means of painterly techniques such as oil or tempera.It is an ideal product for fine arts and crafts. It helps the surface adhere more to the painting and acts as a sealer by covering the pore so that a lesser amount of paint is required.Some features to look out for: Dries quickly, very flexible, it has high opacity and excellently covers surfaces, it is easy to apply and repaint, it does not contain lead.See below for more Product and Usage information

MTN PRO Glass to Mirror Converter-400ml

Decorative paint with a bright chrome effect, applied to the back of glass.The MTN PRO Glass to Mirror Converter Spray is a Decorative paint with a bright chrome effect, made specifically for turning any glass surface into a mirror. The product should be applied on the opposite side of the surface to be converted.See below for more Product and Usage information
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MTN PRO Gloves

MTN PRO Gloves are high quality, reusable technical gloves made of nylon and polyurethane. They protect your hands from paint stains and keeps it clean without causing you to lose tact or precision.It is specially developed to insulate the hands from low temperatures while guaranteeing breathability.See below for more Product and Usage information 

MTN PRO Matt White Base Primer-400ml

MTN PRO Matte White Base Spray Primer is a solvent-based, acrylic paint that has proven excellent coverage. As a primer, it works best as a base coat for fluorescent colors as well as for definitive finishing. This painful can be used in simple creative expressions like DIY, arts and crafts; to industry art works.Some of its features that has endeared artists to it, is its Fast-drying, Matte Finish, Good adhesion, and Excellent coverage.It also does not contain lead or other heavy metals. You never have to worry about the colours washing off because they last long. It is also easy to apply and repaint.See below for more Product and Usage information

MTN PRO Matte Fixer-400ml

MTN PRO Matte Fixer is a clear matt fixative spray. This product was developed to fix and protect work on paper done in different, preferably dry media, artistic techniques (pastel, charcoal, pencil, graphite, watercolor, etc) against dust and humidity.It provides a matt finish without altering the color, as it does not yellow.See below for more Product and Usage information 
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MTN PRO Plastic Primer-400ml

MTN PRO Plastic Spray Primer is a colourless primer spray that may serve as a primer coat needed for the subsequent painting of plastic surfaces; these surfaces range from plastic parts, model-making, rear-view mirrors, to chairs, grates, toys, to mention a few.Its formulation is based on a solution with special additives that give the paint extraordinary adherence on PP (Polypropylene) and other plastics.Some of its favourite features are: it dries real quick, Good Elasticity, Easy to Apply and Recoat on Acrylics, Synthetics, and Nitro, Excellent Adhesion on Polypropylene (EPDM Modified).See below for more Product and Usage information 
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Professional Silicone Mask with Filters

This state of the art mask provides safety and comfort in even the most exacting working environments. Made for the professionals.