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Acrilex Metal Colours

Ideal for handcraft works. Can be applied on wood, ceramics, plaster, styrofoam, leather, cork, paper and cardboard. It may also be applied on glass and PET prepared with Primer Acrilex.
Metal Colors give off that shimmery and lustrous effect. It dries very rapidly and has good coverage even with one brush stroke. If you are a fan of exceptionally shiny finishes, we recommend exploring using just the metal colours for some of your art expressions or using it alongside acrylic paintsSee below for more Product and Usage information

MTN Liquid Metallic Paint-200ml

MTN Liquid Metallic Paint 200ml is a permanent paint formulated with a strong solvent-based, fast drying acrylic resins and leafing pigments of a metallic look.Suitable for use with our Markers, Dabbers, paint brushes, airbrush or other fine arts or letter painting techniques.See below for more Product and Usage information 

MTN PRO Metal effects-400ml

Very fast drying metallic paint formulated with extremely high quality resins and metallic, inorganic pigments.