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Acrilex 3D Glitter Colour-35ml

The 3D Glitter paints are great for adding extra effect, sparkle and texture to your works. It can be applied on many surfaces and great for fabrics. It is wash resistant.See below for more Product and Usage information

Acrilex Acripuff Fabric Paint 35ml

Expandable Fabric Paint. This fabric paint gives off a rubber 3D effect finishing. After application, it must be expanded with a hairdryer or by ironing on the reverse side. As with other fabric paints, the fabric must be prewashed and completely dried before application.Can also be applied on Paper, cardboard, wood, ceramic, or plaster. When applied on these surfaces, the Acripuff must be expanded with a hairdryer.It can be applied directly with the nib or a brush. It is  Non-toxic and Soluble in water.

Acrilex Fabric Paint Diluent

The Fabric Diluent can be mixed with Fabric Paint or paint to delay the drying time, which will give you more time to create those intricate details and designsCan be applied with a brush or mixing with Matte Fabric Paint.Try it with our range of Acrilex Matte fabric paint, Acrilex Fluorescent paint, Acrilex Glitter Fabric Paint, or Acrilex Metallic fabric paint.

Acrilex Fluorescent Fabric Paint

The fluorescent fabric paint comes in 6 exciting colours is wash-resistant, has optimum coverage, and can be mixed to achieve new colours! What more? It comes ready to use, is versatile, and gives a glow effect under black light. Size 37mlNote that the fabric must be completely dried before application, and should be washed 72 hours after application. For dilution use our Fabric Paint Diluent

Acrilex Matte Fabric Paint

Create amazing projects with the Acrilex Fabric Paint range. Bespoke designs on home decor with a selection of colours to compliment your living areas, or up-cycle old trainers, jeans, t-shirts, bags and more. Make yourself stand out from the crowd and colour up your wardrobe!Acrilex matte Fabric paint is great for fabric works. It is wash-resistant and has excellent coverage. For dilution use our Fabric Paint Diluent.See below for more Product and Usage information