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Acrilex 3D Glitter Colour-35ml

The 3D Glitter paints are great for adding extra effect, sparkle and texture to your works. It can be applied on many surfaces and great for fabrics. It is wash resistant.See below for more Product and Usage information

Acrilex Glitter Varnish-60ml

To achieve a glitter glossy finish to your acrylic painting, apply either of these three crystal, silver or gold variants. For ample glitter, apply generously and in multiple coats.See below for more Product and Usage information

Acrilex Matte Fabric Paint

Create amazing projects with the Acrilex Fabric Paint range. Bespoke designs on home decor with a selection of colours to compliment your living areas, or up-cycle old trainers, jeans, t-shirts, bags and more. Make yourself stand out from the crowd and colour up your wardrobe!Acrilex matte Fabric paint is great for fabric works. It is wash-resistant and has excellent coverage. For dilution use our Fabric Paint Diluent.See below for more Product and Usage information

Acrilex Vitro 150º-37ml

Great for painting glass bottles, ceramics, glass plates and porcelains.Before application, mix well with a brush. After application, wait for 24 hours to ensure that it dries completely.For stronger, longer durability and resistance to washing, put it in an oven for 30 minutes at 150 °C temperature. Turn off the oven and wait for it to cool completely before taking out your glass. Voila! You can set your glass paint for decoration.See below for more Product and Usage information

Craquelex Colour 2 x 37ml

This is a Resin-acrylic based paint that leaves off a crack effect after drying (approximately 2 hours). It comes ready to use and works best on most surfaces, but not advisable for flexible surfaces.The Craquelex Color Kit contains 1 pot with the Primer Varnish #1 and 1 pot with a Color Cracking #2 specified in each packageCan be applied on wood, plaster, ceramic, and canvas.⁣ The Craquelex paint can be used with Decorative Paints, Craft Matte Paint, or Metal Colors.

Design Master Premium Metallic Rose Gold Spray Paint

Design Master premium metallic Rose Gold spray has unique properties for its function and finish. It provides the quickest coverage, reflects the brightest colour, and has a smooth plating-like finish.
  • Fast drying
  • Recoat at any time
  • Indoor Plating Metallic Finish
  • Quickest Coverage
  • Bright color

Krylon Color Master Rose Gold Metallic Spray Paint

Premium coverage and brilliant color. It dries to a hard satin finish and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects. Use this for coating surfaces that are subject to wear and tear or extreme variations in temperature.See below for more Product and Usage information
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Primo Blackboard Paint-250ml

Blackboard paint can be so useful in being crafty: you can paint an entire wall of your bedroom and draw your kitty on it or you can paint a kitchen corner: for your favourite recipes or to do list to buy. You can even apply it on wood or cardboard and make your own blackboard. The possibilities are endless!Great for kids also!See below for more Product and Usage information