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Amsterdam acrylic standard series primary set

  • Set of five 120ml tubes
  • For use on paper - board - canvas - wood and stone
  • Can be thinned easily with water
  • Short drying time
  • The original color can last for decades

Angelus Paint Glitterlites 1 Oz Orange Orange

  • Leather paint ideal for athletic shoes - boots - jackets - purses - tack

Winsor and Newton Galeria Acrylic 250ml

Galeria Flow Formula Acrylic Colour is a range ideal for artists who require large quantities of good quality colour at an economic price. Smooth, free-flowing consistency, extremely versatile, easily diluted with water and suitable for a variety of techniques. They can be used on numerous surfaces but are not recommended for use on shiny, greasy surfaces such as glass, unprimed metal or surfaces with painted colours.

Yinpinxuan Acrylic colour

Acrylic Colours12 Tube Colors1 Brush Brand: Yipinxuan 12 tubes Acrylic Colours 12ml Colors with Brush Bright & Vivid Colors Suitable for Art and Paint for Canvas and paper Good Quality