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Edding 345 highlighter

  • Highlighter for the luminous marking and highlighting of text passages and notes on almost every paper surface
  • The chisel nib has a stroke width of 2-5 mm
  • Water-based neon inks in brilliant colours
  • The product is refillable with edding HTK 25 refill service
  • Available in the bright neon colours yellow, orange, pink, light blue, light green

Greathall staples

  • Standard 24/6 staples, apply to the most common 12# stapler
  • Up to 20 sheets of A4 paper can be stapled
  • A big box contains 10 small boxes, each small boxes contains 1,000pcs of staples
  • Essential office supplies
  • Suitable for office, school, and family. Students must have
Greathall is high-quality standard staple offers dependable, easy stapling. Sharp chisel point gives keen penetration with less jamming. It is suitable for office and school supplies.
Items available:100

Kangaroo HDM-35 Stapler

Product DescriptionThis stapler from Kangaroo, with it's portable size, has a mechanism for quick loading which adds to its convenience. It also includes a reload indicator and a rotating anvil. This is an ideal product for frequent stapling and can also be used for pinning. Ideal for schools, offices and any working environment.You can also get awesome office and craft items here, with nationwide delivery shop comfortably without any hassle.
  • Type: Staplers
  • Brand: Kangaroo

Staple Remover With Lock Silver/Black



  • Articulated to remove staple pins effortlessly
  • Avoids staining or tearing the documents
  • Crafted of industrial-grade material that renders long term service


Colour NameSilver/Black
Model NumberSR 45 T
Items available:57