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MTN 94 Graphic Marker

MTN 94 Graphic Markers are dual tipped felt markers with a fine tip for drawing and a chisel tip for filling in colour or calligraphy. The colours are similar to a selection from theĀ 94 spray paint colour range and thanks to their translucent alcohol-based ink, they may be combined in layers.They are great for black-books and sketch pads, comic art projects, sticker art, canvas, Urban style art, illustration, college projects, and more.

POSCA Colouring – PC-8K Skin Tone Set of 4

  • This 8K set from POSCA is made up of natural light and dark shades, making it perfect for building up skin tones.

Uni-ball POSCA – PC-3M Art Paint Markers – Set of 8 – In Gift Box – Ocean Tones

The Tonal Range sets from Posca bring together specially selected colours, all designed to work fluidly together within your artwork.