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Generals Kneaded Eraser


About this item

  • Excellent for removing or highlighting chalks, charcoals and pastels
  • Kneads into any shape
  • Good for precision erasing and creating highlights.

Nataraj Neon Coloured Erasers-4pcs

Flexible and smear-free erasers, suitable for erasing charcoal and graphite pencil drawings and writings.

Sinoart Kneaded Eraser

SinoartĀ  Eraser for artists helps to avoid dust (rubbing marks)) Because this eraser can be kneaded like clay. It's suitable for a sketcher or artist who paints using pencils for fine sketches or for those who want to try this unique type of kneaded eraser. Can be used for dab-dab (painting with an eraser to erase it a little bit) Pencils, too.Details: Kneaded eraser (4.3x3.7x0.9cm)
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