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Acrilex Fantasy Glitter Jumbo Wax Crayon

Get versatile with the glitter and neon crayons! Ideal for home and school use.Its non-toxicSee below for more Product and Usage information

Acrilex Triangular Wax Crayon

Drawing, painting, creating is what children love to do, and to make the most of them, always choose quality products.This Set of Crayons, from Acrilex, has vibrant colours and is produced in premium material. In addition, parents can be rest assured that it is a non-toxic product.See below for more Product and Usage information
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Acrilex Wax Crayon

Great for kids of all ages! For drawing on paper, paperboard and cardboard. It has been made with an anatomical shape that easily adapts to children’s hands, does not stain hands, Soft stroke, vivid colours and has super coverage.See below for more Product and Usage information

Conté à Paris 12 Count 2B Sketching Crayons Set, Black

  • The Conte a Paris Sketching crayons include various highly reputed Sanguine colors, Grey and Bistre, 3 grades of white and black complete the range

Conte a Paris crayon pastel

Technical description Maker TALE IN PARIS Mark Conté in Paris Model number 50114 Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

Faber-Castell Back to School Beeswax Crayon Coloring Set – 24 Beeswax Crayons, Crayon Sharpener & Doodle Pad

  • MULTI-COLORED DOODLE PAD – Includes a 30 multi-colored sheet doodle book that inspires creative and innovative designs. Smaller size makes this coloring pad easy to transport for on-the-go art. (Paper pad size 6 x 9”)

Faber-Castell Polychromos Artists’ Color Pencils – Tin of 120 Colors – Premium Quality Artist Pencils

  • 120 COLORS IN METAL TIN - Includes all colors from the Polychromos Artist Pencil line. Polychromos Artists' Pencils are valued globally by professionals and semi-professionals for unsurpassed quality.

Nataraj Jumbo Wax Crayon 14pcs

Colouring is one of the very first forms of self-expression for children. Colouring helps in the developing a child's motor-control skills.These specially designed jumbo sized wax crayons have a wide grip that helps in hand co-ordination, and allow for bigger and bolder strokes.This set of 14 shades, provides your child with an exciting and varied colour palette, and our superior product allows for smooth and easy applications.
  • Recycled paper used for packaging
  • 14 Nataraj jumbo wax crayons inside
  • Dimension of each stick: Length 9cm  Diameter  1.1cm

Primo Water-Soluble Wax Crayons

Water-soluble wax crayons with ergonomic sheath, in PP box, 10 colours.It looks like a wax crayon but it is a lot more! We created this sheath so you can easily grab it. Leave a mark on a sheet of paper and look how bright and dense it is. But this is not all: if you add some water your mark will become transparent and delicate and you will be able to add perspective to your drawings.

Primo Wax crayon Triangles

Super resistant Triangular wax crayons.
There is not one right way to grab them: these wax triangles always work. Try on the side, with the tip, even flat: nothing is wrong, everything turns into drawings, colours, surprise!
And even magic: take a flat object, a leaf for example, put a sheet of paper on it and paint over it with your triangle. You will see what will appear… and best part, it does not make your hands dirty.
See below for more Product and Usage information