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Bianyo Synthetic Artist Brush-Set 12

Bianyo Artist brushes great for oil painting
  • solid brush strokes
  • firm brush tips
  • doesn't break easily
  • wooden handle for easy handling and painting

Foska Transparent Plastic Sharpener-3pcs

Plastic protected sharpener, Safe to use around children
  • plastic case to keep the pencil chaff from litterining the working environment
  • transparent body
  • smooth surface, protects the pencil refill from breaking esaily
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Generals Kneaded Eraser


About this item

  • Excellent for removing or highlighting chalks, charcoals and pastels
  • Kneads into any shape
  • Good for precision erasing and creating highlights.

Giotto Robercolour chalk 10pc – Fila

Giotto Robercolor Coated Chalk is a non-dusting chalk which does not stain the hands. It is made from genuine French champagne chalk and is ideal for educational purposes.

Primo Anti-dust Coloured Chalks 10pcs

Coloured antidust chalks; 10 pieces. This chalk is made from calcium carbonate and leaves a uniform and thin mark, without creating dust.
Suitable for blackboards, they can also be used to draw on paper, thick paper or cardboard, allowing for the creation of intense colourful effects or delicate pastel shadings.
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