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Bomeija circle cutter

Bomeijia Circle Cutter with 3 Blades - BMJ798 Cut circles in one step with this easy-to-use our circle cutter. When you grasp the handle, use a stirring-the-soup motion to cut perfect circles.The patented ratchet handle aligns your hand and wrist to help reduce wrist fatigue typically associated with cutting in a circular motion. Use the cutter to create Yo-Yos, crescents, circle appliqué and penny rug circles.The package comes with 3 free blades able to cut cardboard, paper, fabric etc cutting area: 10-150mm & 40-230mm high-quality SK-2 blade

Dafa Compass cutter

Compass cutter.
  • For cutting papers, films, leathers, vinyl, rubber ... etc,
  • cuts circles from 10mm to 150mm diameter
  • 2 pcs of pencil lead
  • 6 pcs of spare blade
Caution: Blade is very sharp.

Jianzhong Cutter Set 3pcs

Art designing knife is also known as graver or wallpaper knife a fine art and crafts knife mainly used to cut softer things, with the plastic composed of two parts; knife handle and blade, pulling type structure. the knife blade is a special high carbon steel manufacturing is not easy to break. comfortable grip and easy to use.Usageknife during normal use usually use the tip part, cutting, carving, is the main function of management. the blade is brittle and use cannot stretch out too long, also the blade's hardness and durability (knife in this is two concepts) because the blade texture varies. The selection should also be based on hand to choose, and hold knife gestures are usually indicated in the packaging behind.
many knives in order to facilitate the break, on line process processing, but these for left-handed people may be more dangerous. When in use should be more careful. Don't think the knife is fragile if used incorrectly, may result in a knife wound can also be fatal. Therefore, the use of the process, be sure to be careful ( injuries caused by the knife wound are not easy to stop the bleeding), solve the small wound bandage is available, but once large for too long or injury and vascular (such as arm artery), causing massive bleeding, blood like a fountain squirting like, if not timely dressed, probably because of excessive bleeding caused by the shock and even death

Libao Rotary Cutter

  • High-Quality Rotary cutter
  •  Material:ABS Size:16*5.5cm
  • Package includes:1pcs Cutting Machine Conversion:1inch=2.54cm,1cm=0.39in
  • Cuts fabric, leather, vinyl, multiple layers of paper etc.
  • Use with Cutting Mat to prolong blade life, The tool can be used for cutting tasks at the home, office, school and craft workshops most especially.

Lino Cutter Set

A handle and 6 assorted gouges for relief printing with linoleum.The plastic handle holds the blades in place and blades can be easily changed. Cutters are suitable for large to medium width surface removal and include bowl gouge, spindle gouge, roughing out gouge and round flat chisel.Handle dimensions approx: 9.5cm height.

Nine Sea-Durable Compass Circle Cutter

  • MULTI-FUNCTION: All kinds of circles can be cut, and the circle with a diameter of 30cm can be cut. You can also remove the blade and replace it with a pencil holder for general use of the compass.
  • CONVENIENT: Safety cover keeps blade and pivot pin covered for safety when not in use.Great for scrapbooking, photo cropping, die-cutting, plotting and more.
  • SIMPLE USE: Compass Cutter is a convenient tool for cutting or drawing perfect circles as large as 30cm in diameter
  • FEATURE: Designed with durable yet lightweight materials and a slim profile, an easily portable tool that can be carried around in a small bag or purse.
  • APPLICATION: Useful for a variety of hobby and craft projects Cuts Paper, Film, Leather, Vinyl, Fabric, Plastics, Rubber and more

Small Pocket size cutter

  • 0.4 width Blade
  • Portable and for ideal precise detail cutting
  • 12-position, retractable blade
  • Blade storage in handle
  • Easy to handle and great for quick light cuts
  • The interlocking nose holds the blade securely