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Bomeijia Artist Brush Set

Bomeijia Artist Brush Set are made of the finest quality of soft synthetic bristles with brown long wooden handles. The brushes consist of a set of 8 brushes in various sizes and tips. Our painting brush tips boast of super fine points of the best quality and are suitable for professionals, art students, beginners or hobby painters.The bristles are secured with high quality aluminium crimped ferrules. They are built to last, durable and won’t fall apart. Bomeijia Artist flat brush are perfect for all sorts of art paints and work great for oil painting, watercolor painting, gouache painting, acrylic painting, even nail art paints.When you are done painting, simply clean brushes with warm water immediately after use (or follow paint manufacturer’s instructions) and reshape brush tip. Store in our plastic storage container after thoroughly drying until the next painting project!