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11.5″ Plastic Chip N Dip Round 7section colour mixing palette


To paint like a pro you need the right tools, and this colour mixing palette is essential to help your workflow and efficiency.

This colour mixing paint palette features 6 individual hollows and a central palette. Use it with any Paint, including Oil paints, metallic paints, Acrylic paints and many more. It is also ideal for diluting thick paint mixtures.


400 Series Marker Pad, 9″x12″ Glue Bound, 24 Sheets per Pad

  • Strathmore 400 series marker paper has a super smooth surface for markers to glide Right over

48 Colors Alcohol Brush Markers, Ohuhu Double Tipped (Brush & Chisel) Sketch Markers for Kids, Artist Art Markers, Adult Coloring and Illustration, Comes w/ 1 Colorless Alcohol Marker Blender

  • ♥ ALCOHOL-BASED INK, DRIES INSTANTLY: Never let wet ink ruin your work again! Draw smudge-free thanks to its fast-drying, alcohol-based formula.

50CTcleaners pipe

A whole universe of fun is available with Creatology chenille pipe cleaners. Your child can use these giant colorful pipe cleaners to create stem animals, decorations, or even bracelets. Ignite your child's imagination!
  • Assorted colors
  • 0.6" (15 mm)
  • 50 chenille pipe cleaners
  • For ages 4 and up

Acquerello Fine Watercolour

Fine watercolour in aluminium tubes, 10 colours.
Delicacy and intensity of fine watercolour art in a special range of harmoniously measured tones: their realistic performance is a whole new world to discover.

Acrilex 3D Glitter Colour-35ml

The 3D Glitter paints are great for adding extra effect, sparkle and texture to your works. It can be applied on many surfaces and great for fabrics. It is wash resistant.See below for more Product and Usage information

Acrilex 3D Metallic Colour 35ml

The 3D Metallic paints are great for adding extra effect and texture to your works. It can be applied to many surfaces and great for fabrics. It is wash resistant.

Acrilex Acrilpen Fabric Marker

These markers are great for drawing thick and thin lines on your fabrics, as well as coloring or shading. It is a go-to for painting and marking fabrics permanently. The paint is wash-resistant and comes to different exciting colours. For best results, wash only after 72 hours after application.

Acrilex Acripuff Fabric Paint 35ml

Expandable Fabric Paint. This fabric paint gives off a rubber 3D effect finishing. After application, it must be expanded with a hairdryer or by ironing on the reverse side. As with other fabric paints, the fabric must be prewashed and completely dried before application.Can also be applied on Paper, cardboard, wood, ceramic, or plaster. When applied on these surfaces, the Acripuff must be expanded with a hairdryer.It can be applied directly with the nib or a brush. It is  Non-toxic and Soluble in water.