All You Need to Know About Selling Your Art to Large Firms

Take a minute. Close your eyes, and picture your artwork in display on the surface of a firm’s wall, furniture, etc; you probably smiled and felt a shiver down your spine. 

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For an artist, being patronized by big, reputable, huge pocket firms can skyrocket your career. Not only does it build your bank account but it also creates a lot of buzz around you and your art which is definitely good for business. 

Below are steps you can follow to make that sensation come to life and fulfil that lifelong dream of selling to a big organization. You will be exposed to almost if not all you need to know about getting the big corporation of your dreams to patronize you.

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First, you should be ready to do some research about the firms of your dreams that you have always wanted to sell your artwork to. Afterwards, identify and evaluate if the style and needs of the firm align with your style and need as an artist.

Find out the taste of the firm you wish to sell your artwork to. You can get to know this by going through their websites and visiting their office space. Also, to get more insight into their artistic taste, you should watch their adverts and closely observe their brand. All of this helps when preparing artworks that can attract their attention. Or when trying to persuade them to work with you. 


Create Value.

Secondly, you need to be certain your art piece mirrors the firm’s image; promote its reputation as a firm. Most firms would prefer the artwork to be a part of the wall decoration.

Big corporations go for artworks that can increase employee’s performance, and encourage a serene working environment. Therefore, your artwork needs to be appealing to the eyes and be capable of uplifting the worker’s spirits.  

Their Buying Attitude.

Thirdly, there is a need to understand the manner in which big corporations buy art. Some have employees who have been saddled with the responsibility to buy the artworks from galleries or artists directly.

Others pay art experts like collectors or consultants who have a strong relationship with artists and galleries for the purpose of helping them get spellbinding pieces of art. 

Understanding their buying attitude guides you on who to contact. It is a waste of time marketing to a staff of the firm when collectors are responsible for such activity.

Overall, let the dream to sell your art to corporations challenge you to make something classic and not solely let yourself be carried away by the love for money. Presently, dedicate time and energy to always create a satisfactory and exceptional art.

That is the kind of art corporations are looking forward to buying. Therefore, the major aim is to create appealing and unique pieces of art.

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