How Much Should Your Online Art Workshop Cost?

Are you considering organizing an online art workshop but stuck on how much you should ask participants to pay because this will be your first? Worry no more! 

Below are some of the things you should consider when it comes to pondering how much you should charge participants for your workshop!!! 

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These guidelines will guide you on factors to consider regarding how to appropriately price your online art workshop so you don’t end up hosting or sharing pre-recorded contents of your workshop charging a price below the actual worth. 

Research To Gather Your Facts And Figures. 

Pricing online art workshops can be likened to pricing your art for sale. However, when pricing your online art workshop, there is a need to consider the worth of the knowledge and experience you will be providing participants of the online art workshop. 

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Therefore, in an attempt to ensure that partakers in the workshop have a lasting impression as regards the workshop, you should not short change yourself in the process. For example, getting some materials, and tools at this pandemic season might be difficult. Eventually, when you get such scarce tools or materials you might have to spend more than you thought.

Generally, things are becoming expensive at this time. So, it is only reasonable that you take them into consideration when deciding the price of your online art workshops. Impressing your audience should not be expensive neither should it affect your gains from the workshop.

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This is exactly why you need to gather facts and figures about everything you will be utilizing during the workshop before deciding your price. You will also have to gather facts and figures on the value of knowledge, the cost of the information and ideas you will share with your audience. 

You will not be the first and the last to organize an online art workshop. Well, you might be the first to organize an online art workshop in the medium you create with but the truth remains that there has been an artist who has done an online art workshop before you woke up to it. In the process of doing your research, you will come across different online art workshops, look out for their prices and let that guide you to fix yours… 

Have A Map. 

The map involves drawing up the number of participants you desire to have in your online art workshop. It also involves deciding the kind of strategy to be used in charging and engaging the participants. The amount a single individual will be charged for a workshop is not the same as a group of individuals will be asked to pay.


In the case when your workshop will be in series, the price will differ from when your workshop happens and ends in an hour. In the process of drawing your online art workshop map, you should have a basic price that you will work with as you consider the steps that come after this. 

Popular And High In Demand. 

If the contents and skills you hope to share are greatly sought after, you should add extra fees to the basic price you created in the step before this. However, if the art workshop is very commonly organized by other artists or art organizations you could consider regulating your price as increasing your price might affect how much people show interest. 

Nonetheless, no matter how saturated that kind of art workshop is, possessing great confidence and understanding the value of the knowledge, and ideas you will be sharing should be the factors for determining the price of your workshop.

You should never undervalue yourself and your art workshop by reducing or regulating the price of your workshop when you know you are offering more than your participants can ever get elsewhere. 

Overall, if the demand for the art workshop is high then you should consider charging beyond the regulated fee. 

Additional Components. 

How much you should charge for your online art workshop would be based on the icing on the cakes in the form of extra constituents you have added to your online art workshop. The basic price of your online art workshop should carry an extra charge if for example, after the online art workshop you will be checking up on the progress participants have made in their closets either by physically meeting up with them or online discussions. 

Furthermore, the additional components such as providing participants with special videos after the workshop to build on what they have learned and add to the numerous video they got during the online art workshop should be considered in your pricing. 

You can employ the strategy of offering a general, regulated, basic price for every participant but charge a premium for participants who would want to enjoy additional components such as extra materials, videos, or one on one consultation after the workshop, and so on. 

There are online art workshops of #5000, #10000, #100,000 and the price list goes on. But majorly the factors that determine the prices are the quantity and quality of knowledge to be gained, contents to be shared, ideas to be learned, and luxury information to be acquired.

Also, the number of participants, provision of premium services, number of series or hours, etc are some of the things you should consider when it comes to setting a price tag for your online art workshop. 

Finally, as much as you don’t want to undercharge it is important not to go overboard with your price.

Moreover, your qualification and achievements speak volumes in terms of your capability and capacity, skills, and talent. While you think it is not fair for people to consider your image, level, and status as a criterion to partake in your workshop, you should still understand that This Is Nigeria.

So, before conducting your first online art workshop consider getting more qualifications and improving your natural talents as an artist. Gather years of experience learning and creating with the objective of possessing so much quality and unique content that you can engage people with at your workshop. 

So, while under this lockdown, register for different art courses online, and while learning and practicalizing that knowledge you are already exposing yourself to the online community where one day you will come to host your own workshop. 

But hey, if you are really certain you have what it takes to conduct an online art workshop, what else are you waiting for? You have the in and out already prepared for you: start mapping and price right. 

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