Interview of Artists who are DOING WELL and representing the universe of ART well DOMESTICALLY and INTERNATIONALLY.

Johnson Eziefula

Eziefula Johnson Jr is a young contemporary artist, practicing art under the movement known as Contemporealism; coined from Contemporary Art & Hyperrealism. Born in Surulere, Lagos, on the 4th of May, in the late 90s.

He hails from Imo State but based in Lagos. He’s a final year student at the faculty of pharmacy at the prestigious The University of Lagos, but his love and passion for art have always superseded. His interest and love for the arts have been obvious since he was a child, as he would draw and paint almost, if not every day, on any surface he finds suitable and comes across.

He has been practicing art professionally since 2017, but publicly since 2019. He is a self-taught artist, who specializes in drawing, but paints as well. Exploring the medium of charcoal, pastels, acrylic, installations, and fabric on paper and canvas to visually rendition his idealistic standpoint on particular subject matters.

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