Attracting Audience For Online Workshops

When it comes to hosting online creative workshops one factor that always matters is how you are able to build awareness and attract the interest of targets to pay to participate in your workshop. 

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In this era where people are directing their expenses on essential goods and services, you would really need to do more than would have been expected years before now in convincing people to take the action of paying and participating in your workshop. 

Irrespective of where your art workshop will be taking place: real life or online, the tips shared below will be really useful in your planning on how to hype your future or present art workshops.

Price Discount. 

You will do yourself more harm than good in terms of getting people to participate in your workshop when your price is on the extreme. Remember that this is a pandemic season where people are trying to cut spending as much as possible.

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Indeed, you also need not undervalue yourself. The best way to avoid that researching the regulated price for your kind of workshop.

When you have an idea of the basic price people charge for the kind of creative workshop you plan to host, it helps you decide how much you should add and how far you can go in terms of price discount. 

To attract previous attendees of your creative workshop offer them discounts. To attract more audience, extend the price discounts to early birds; individuals who register from the first day of publicly announcing your creative workshop to a specified date. You can decide to offer previous attendees higher discounts based on the number of new audiences who registers from their referral.

However, as a first-timer, always ensure that no matter the amount of discount offered to likely participants you will always have enough profit at the end of the workshop. 

Qualifications And Achivements. 

Part of the way to attract an audience to your workshop is by displaying your credentials as a way to justify the price you are charging.

Even in this pandemic season, there are established artists with mind-blowing achievements that will charge certain amounts for art workshops and people will still do anything to want to be a part of them. This is because the individual[s] hosting the art workshop has qualifications that speak for them and achievements that show that they would be able to offer value in the art workshop. 

Therefore, when promoting your creative workshops and you have in-demand credentials, don’t hesitate to use them in your promotions. During the time of the art workshop hype, share your artist biography containing the number of years you have been working as an artist, area of specialization, strong points, and achievements on social media and any other place where your targets can view it. 

Your qualifications and achievements to an extent display how suitable you are to hosting the art workshop and depending on your marketing strategy for the workshop, it is capable of increasing how much value people will attach to your workshop promotions when they see it.   

Publicity From Previous Attendees.

This includes encouraging alumni or participants from your previous art workshops to share pictures, videos, knowledge, and ideas with their friends or networks on social media. In the process of doing this, honorably ask that they tag you on their social media handles or use the particular hashtags you have created specifically for the creative workshop.

These strategies have been used from time immemorial by even the established professionals in getting their creative workshops to fill up. This strategy provides credibility.


Individuals who have participated in your previous creative workshops can also be asked to recommend the present one to their followers by composing tweets on it and sharing their experiences. 

Furthermore, if you have a website, you can share the feedback you got from participants of a just-concluded or previous creative workshop that you organized. You can even achieve more if you can get popular and established creatives in your creative field in the country to recommend your workshop. 

As much as possible, share the recommendations, reviews, and positive feedback you got from the previous art workshops on your website and social media handles. These recommendations can also be used in graphics and various promotional mediums.

To encourage popular artists and old participants to do all of these, you can offer them free registration for every new participant that registered using a particular code you gave each one. So, in trying to get a recommendation, you are also getting old and established personalities to join in the art workshop. 

Blog, Magazine, Newspaper,… Promotion. 

It is possible that you have identified a blog where most of your targets visit, take advantage of this by partnering with the blog owner, or pay them to feature your upcoming creative workshop on their blog.

You can also take advantage of a popular creative magazine, and newspaper to advertise your kind of creative workshop. You should hype your creative workshops as much as possible to support the other strategies mentioned above. 

At each point in time during recommendation or media promotions, ensure that the links to registering for the art workshop are shared. Also, provide old participants and established artists or art professionals with the appropriate information when they are willing to help recommend your art workshop to their social media community. 

Experienced art workshop planners will confirm the fact that building a relationship with your old participants is one of those strategies that can be used to attract them for a new one. Building relationships with them also makes it easy to reach out to them when you need their help with providing recommendations, sharing promotional posts, and many more. 

Email Marketing. 

This is one of the easiest ways to attract old participants to your new art workshop. It is even less difficult to attract their attention to your email inbox if you have been staying on top of their minds with newsletters after the end of the last creative workshop. Email marketing also lets you reach out to new contacts on your email lists and potential participants who would be interested in your art workshop. 

Although, before sending emails out ensure that you have handy the links for registration or gathering of information on the art workshop. You can also include your social media handles and links to other websites where relevant information on the art workshop is available. It is important to have the links and adequate information ready before sending the newsletters so you don’t send too many emails which many people can find really annoying. 

Paid Promotions. 

In the previous part, we talked about asking alumni, old participants, or established artists or art professionals to help promote your creative workshop. As helpful as that can be, you still need to really ascertain if people following those individuals helping with free promotions are people who would be interested in participating in your creative workshop. 

Paid promotion on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Ads, etc is one of the most effective ways to ensure that advertisement of your art workshop reaches your targets. This is because social media ads allow you to target people based on their age group, location, interests, etc. In the same vein, it allows you to target friends of old participants who will be interested in joining your art workshop based on the categories you highlight. 

Remember that how much you know and the level of experience you have had matters a lot when it comes to displaying expertise and gaining reputation and acceptance as an art workshop host or coach. Therefore, don’t ever rely on previous knowledge. Always work to continually improve your knowledge and skills. 

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