A, B, C of Using and Buying Spray Paints For Graffiti

Like the name conveys, spray paints are used in painting messages on the exterior part of something with a spray. Spray paints are contained in an aerosol can and used for painting a surface by spraying colour all over it. 

Spray paint is used for graffiti art which is gaining ground in Nigeria. Artists like Osa Seven and art.bybello are leading the graffiti art scene in Nigeria.

However, unlike dancers and singers who might not have any issues selecting resources to aid their performance since that part of the entertainment industry is fully established; Nigerian graffiti artists might find it difficult to get the best brand of spray paints since graffiti has not fully taken off. All of those concerns can be solved with Arteasy and the steps below.

A, B, C of Using Spray Paints.

Before applying spray paints, ensure that the appropriate surface is clean enough. This is how to determine the quality of the spray paint and assess the authenticity of the spray paint brand used.

Sometimes, you might need to prepare the graffiti surfaces with a sponge and lather water. Or sandpaper as the case may be. Soapy water is necessary for surfaces that are dirty and dusty.

It is necessary to look out for oil stains on the surface as that can also affect the quality of your spray art. Use tape to cover areas you don’t want to paint.

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Elements to consider before buying Spray Paints: 

Brand, Type and color of spray paints

First off, you need to know the colour and type; high-gloss, metallic… of spray paint. Consider a spray paint brand with diverse intense colour varieties and allows you more options of usage; domestic, industrial, and artistic. This helps you to save money, express yourself limitlessly, and avoid buying what you do not need.

The MTN Hardcore is one such spray paint brand that provides you with more options in spray paint type and colour. MTN Hardcore with its high pressure guarantees nothing but a smooth surface. Arteasy Nigeria offers spray paints of different colours that do not fade and support fast painting. Montana Fluorescent Paint is the ideal consideration for when you need your graffiti to glow under black light.



Ensure that you get spray paints that can be used on irons and plastics. Or spray paints that can be used to paint any surface.

Then the next factor would be the surface you will be using the spray paints on. Are you going to be spray painting a wall, wood, car, glass, etc? Knowing this guides you from buying from a brand or spray paint that cannot be used on the surface of your choice.

Always consider the appropriate spray paints for every surface. Unless the Spray paint can be used on any surface. If you are going to be painting surfaces that absorb a lot of heat like stoves, barbeques, etc. you need high heat spray paints that can withstand massive heat. 

For indoors & outdoors use, Water-based, and Safe to use on polystyrene Waterproof once dry


Go for spray paints that are not difficult to use, allows rapid painting, and is extremely lightfast. Using spray paints meant for outdoor graffiti indoors can result in so much inconvenience. Applying indoor spray paints outdoor can affect the satisfaction and enjoyment of the audience including the ease of creating the graffiti art.

convenience includes your safety and durability which are two feature every art supplies should possess

At Arteasy Nigeria, we are partners with the best brands that produce art supplies that are state of the art, affordable, and highest quality. 

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