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It has been established that Instagram is the number one leading social media handle in the world. As a start-up artist, architect, photographer, fashion designer, looking to push sales, trust me, you don’t want to miss out on all the transActions happening on Instagram.

Before moving further into the article, you need to have asked yourself these two questions: 

What are your aims and objectives for deciding to use Instagram for promoting your business? 

How much have you budgeted or spent on Instagram paid adverts? 

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These questions are really critical and you need to be honest with yourself when answering them. It is not too late and hey, nothing comes easy: always remember that too. 

Afterward, answer this question: 

Are you still using your Personal Instagram account for Instagram Marketing? 

First of all, as an artist-entrepreneur, you should not be not using your personal Instagram account for business.

Only amateurs or those doing art solely for art’s sake are permitted to do that. 

Secondly, you should not be using your Personal Instagram Account to market yourself if honestly, you are interested in the art business.

For some, it is called branding and others believe switching to a business account lets the audience take you more seriously.

Both schools of thought are correct. Instagram Business Account comes with major optimizations that would be effective in making sales which you will be missing out on using your Personal Instagram Account. 

Instagram Business Account allows you to : 

Use Instagram Insights-

this provides you with tools that help you to monitor the level of engagements on your account. It also helps you examine the kind of content your audience finds more interesting.

And it helps you with tracking such as knowing when your audience is most active online. As an artist, you don’t make sales if people don’t see your work.

So, it is not enough to be committed in your poting but it is important to post when people are most active online. Hence, the benefit of Instagram Business Account. 

Show your industry and add contact button-

there are times people go online and search based on industry. These further helps people discover you on Instagram. Contact button allows you to add additional contact information a potential buyer, exhibitor, etc would need to reach you.

So, your Instagram Business handle enables people to communicate or connect with you instantly using the contact button. 

Add URL links to your Instagram stories-

by the way, I hope you are using the Instagram stories well. Remember people buy artworks by seeing them and your Instagram stories can help achieve that massively. The Instagram business allows you to add links to your Instagram stories as against the other link in your profile. 

Instagram Business Handle allows you to run adverts yourself without having to pay digital marketers.

However, it is more preferable to pay a digital marketer to run ads for your art business if you can afford it because they have wide experience and expertise in that area. 

So what are you waiting for?

Yeah, you don’t know how to switch your personal account to Instagram Business handle I guess.

All you need to do is click on “ Switch to Business Profile” in your Instagram settings. 

Need more an example to guide you, follow, and check Arteasy Nigeria on Instagram. Together we are a team. 

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