Product reviews have become an important source of information for those who purchase art supplies and other products and services. Arteasy’s product reviews serve a variety of purposes, but most importantly, they give our customers a way to share their opinion with us — and to help fellow artists make future purchase decisions.

Where can I find product reviews?

Look at any product page on our website and you’ll see a “reviews” tab right under the product name.

If you click on the tab, you’ll be able to see the product’s overall rating (denoted by 1-5 stars) and the number of reviews written.

You can also read individual reviews, and sort them by criteria such as Newest, Oldest, Highest rating, Lowest rating, Most helpful, or Least helpful.

How can I use product reviews to improve my shopping experience?

Product reviews are an excellent way to help you decide if a product you are considering is right for you. Within the reviews, other Arteasy customers often leave tips and feedback about how to best use a product, why they selected one product over another, and why it was (or wasn’t) the right fit for them. When viewing search results on our website, you can sort the reviews to easily find the products other customers recommend the most..  

Why should I write a product review?

Your opinions are important because they tell other artists exactly what you think about the products you’ve purchased and used. Product reviews also give us the opportunity to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.


We are constantly looking to improve our website and your constructive feedback helps us do this. This feature is also a great way to share knowledge as customers love to hear about real-life experiences and opinions to help them in the decision-making process

How do I submit a product review?

Reviews can be submitted for products you purchased online, through our catalog.On our website, search for (or navigate to) the product you want to review. Click on the “Write a Review” link and share your thoughts on the product’s quality and value as well as any other comments about how you used the product and what worked well (or what didn’t) and why. Feel free to also upload images or videos of the product being used, or the artwork you created with it.

The second way to submit a review in a timely way is to check your emails following every Blick online purchase. If you’ve purchased a product from us recently, we’ll send you an email containing a link where you can quickly and easily write a reivew.

Do you ever reject a product review?

It is our policy to publish all submitted reviews, with a few exceptions. For example, we don’t publish a review if:

  • it isn’t actually about the product, but about shipping, service, or something else related to the product purchase

  • it mentions specifics about our prices

  • it mentions specifics about our competitors

  • it has a star rating that doesn’t align with the written review

  • it contains incorrect information about the product

  • it contains personal information about the reviewer

  • it contains profanity or other inappropriate content


We also reserve the right to remove any older reviews that are no longer accurate due to a reformulation or design change to a product.


I would like to send in more feed

Please feel free to email us at  with any comments you may have, and we will get back to you as soon as we are able to.


How do I submit a review on my overall shopping experience?

Please keep in mind that product reviews should be product-specific. If you have other feedback you’d like to share with us on your overall shopping experience, we’d love to hear it! Please take our Web Survey by visiting {create a website survey like the images below}